Black & White Trainer Kit (TCG)

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The Black & White Trainer Kit is a special Deck Kit for the Pokémon Trading Card Game and features the Pokémon Excadrill and Zoroark. It was released in English and European languages only.

Release date

  • The kit was supposed to be released August 3rd, 2011, and be legal for the 2011 World Championships, but it was delayed for unknown reasons.


  • All of the cards found within the two Half decks are reprints from Black & White and Emerging Powers.
  • The cards Excadrill and Zoroark (both holo and non-holo versions) feature alternate artwork to their Emerging Powers counterparts.
  • None of the cards have rarity symbols and they each feature a collection number and set symbol exclusive to the kit.
  • In addition to the half decks, the Black & White Trainer Kit also includes a booster pack, rulebook, double-player mat, damage counters, status counters and an Energy coin.
  • The kit includes a Trainer Kit Guide, which takes players from Set Up through to their 8th turn of an example battle. There is one guide for each of the half decks included. Another addition is a 60-card deck box, featuring Excadrill and Zoroark.

Excadrill Half Deck

No. Card Name Type
Excadrill Fighting

Zoroark Half Deck

No. Card Name Type
Zoroark Darkness


  • The Energy cards from the half decks do not have the checkerboard additions their Black & White counterparts feature.

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