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Black & White Collection
ブラックコレクション / ホワイトコレクション
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Cards in set English:
Japanese: 106*
Set number English:
Japanese: 46
Release date English:
Japanese: December 17, 2010
Theme Decks ()
Clash at the Summit
Black Collection / White Collection

Black & White Collection (Japanese: ブラックコレクション Black Collection and ホワイトコレクション White Collection) is the name given to the first main expansion of cards from the Black & White era of the Pokémon Trading Card Game. The set brings several new mechanics and features to the game.


Black & White Collection is the first expansion in the Pokémon Card Game BW series and is based on Pokémon Black and White. On this set instead of rarity symbols C, U, and R are used.

Card list

Black Collection

No. Card Name Type Rarity
001/053 Kurumiru Grass Common
002/053 Kurumayu Grass Common
003/053 Hahakomori Grass Uncommon
004/053 Monmen Grass Common
005/053 Erufuun Grass Uncommon
006/053 Shikijika Grass Common
007/053 Mebukijika Grass Uncommon
008/053 Tepig Fire Common
009/053 Chaoboo Fire Uncommon
010/053 Enbuoh Fire Rare Holo
011/053 Baoppu Fire Common
012/053 Baokkie Fire Common
013/053 Reshiram Fire Rare Holo
014/053 Basslao Water Common
015/053 Koaruhie Water Common
016/053 Swanna Water Uncommon
017/053 Kumasyun Water Common
018/053 Tsunbear Water Rare Holo
019/053 Blitzle Lightning Common
020/053 Zeburaika Lightning Uncommon
021/053 Emonga Lightning Common
022/053 Munna Psychic Common
023/053 Musharna Psychic Uncommon
024/053 Koromori Psychic Common
025/053 Kokoromori Psychic Uncommon
026/053 Gothimu Psychic Common
027/053 Gochimiru Psychic Uncommon
028/053 Gothiruselle Psychic Rare Holo
029/053 Dangoro Fighting Common
030/053 Gantoru Fighting Uncommon
031/053 Mogurew Fighting Common
032/053 Doryuzu Fighting Rare Holo
033/053 Dageki Fighting Common
034/053 Zuruggu Darkness Common
035/053 Zuruzukin Darkness Uncommon
036/053 Baruchai Darkness Uncommon
037/053 Barujiina Darkness Uncommon
038/053 Klink Metal Common
039/053 Gigiaru Metal Uncommon
040/053 Gigigiaru Metal Rare Holo
041/053 Pidove Colorless Common
042/053 Hatooboo Colorless Uncommon
043/053 Kenhorou Colorless Uncommon
044/053 Minccino Colorless Common
045/053 Chillaccino Colorless Uncommon
046/053 Buffalon Colorless Uncommon
047/053 Tornelos Colorless Rare Holo
048/053 Energy Retrieval G Uncommon
049/053 Crash Hammer G Uncommon
050/053 Pokémon Communication G Uncommon
051/053 Max Potion G Uncommon
052/053 Recycle G Uncommon
053/053 Professor Juniper Su Uncommon
054/053 Tornelos Colorless SuperRare Holo
055/053 Reshiram Fire SuperRare Holo
056/053 Pikachu Lightning SuperRare Holo

White Collection

No. Card Name Type Rarity
001/053 Snivy Grass Common
002/053 Janovy Grass Uncommon
003/053 Jalorda Grass Rare Holo
004/053 Yanappu Grass Common
005/053 Yanakkie Grass Common
006/053 Churine Grass Common
007/053 Doredia Grass Uncommon
008/053 Marakacchi Grass Common
009/053 Darumakka Fire Common
010/053 Darmanitan Fire Uncommon
011/053 Oshawott Water Common
012/053 Futachimaru Water Uncommon
013/053 Daikenki Water Rare Holo
014/053 Hiyappu Water Common
015/053 Hiyakkie Water Common
016/053 Mamanbou Water Common
017/053 Bachura Lightning Common
018/053 Denchura Lightning Uncommon
019/053 Voltolos Lightning Rare Holo
020/053 Zekrom Lightning Rare Holo
021/053 Fushide Psychic Common
022/053 Hoiiga Psychic Uncommon
023/053 Pendra Psychic Uncommon
024/053 Shinbora Psychic Common
025/053 Yuniran Psychic Common
026/053 Daburan Psychic Uncommon
027/053 Ranculus Psychic Rare Holo
028/053 Dokkora Fighting Common
029/053 Dotekkotsu Fighting Uncommon
030/053 Nageki Fighting Common
031/053 Sandile Fighting Common
032/053 Waruvile Fighting Uncommon
033/053 Waruvial Fighting Rare Holo
034/053 Choroneko Darkness Common
035/053 Lepardas Darkness Uncommon
036/053 Zorua Darkness Common
037/053 Zoroark Darkness Rare Holo
038/053 Tesshido Metal Common
039/053 Nattorei Metal Uncommon
040/053 Minezumi Colorless Common
041/053 Miruhog Colorless Common
042/053 Yorterry Colorless Common
043/053 Haderia Colorless Uncommon
044/053 Murando Colorless Uncommon
045/053 Tabunne Colorless Common
046/053 Washibon Colorless Uncommon
047/053 Wargle Colorless Uncommon
048/053 Revive G Uncommon
049/053 Great Ball G Uncommon
050/053 Full Heal G Uncommon
051/053 PlusPower G Uncommon
052/053 Pokémon Catcher G Uncommon
053/053 Cheren Su Uncommon
054/053 Voltolos Lightning SuperRare Holo
055/053 Zekrom Lightning SuperRare Holo
056/053 Pikachu Lightning SuperRare Holo

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