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The Bird-type refers to a beta type in the Generation I games. For information on the elemental type given to bird-like Pokémon, please see Flying (type)

The Bird-type is one of the three types given exclusively to several Glitch Pokémon. Currently, MissingNo. and 'M are the only known Glitch Pokémon to have the type Bird. Strangely enough, this type is found as a text bank next to other types in Generation II games. The bank reads: NORMAL FIGHTING FLYING POISON ??? FIRE WATER GRASS ELECTRIC PSYCHIC ICE GROUND ROCK BIRD BUG GHOST STEEL DRAGON DARK

Battle properties

Bird-type moves:

  • Are super effective against: Nothing
  • Are not very effective against: Nothing
  • Have no effect against: Nothing

Bird-type Pokémon:

  • Resist: Nothing
  • Are weak to: Nothing
  • Have immunity to: Nothing


Half Bird type Pokémon

# Name Other type
000 MissingNo. Normal
000 'M Normal

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