Big Tree and Friends

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The name currently in use is a fan translation of the Japanese name.
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Daiki to Nakama-tachi
Big Tree and Friends
Pikachu short
Artist ひろたに じゅんこ
Junko Hirotani
Lyrics 戸田昭吾
Akihito Toda
Composer たなかひろかず
Hirokazu Tanaka
Arrangement たなかひろかず
Hirokazu Tanaka
Pikachu Records
Title そらとぶポケモンキッズ
Soaring Pokémon Kids
Catalog no. ZMCP-1006

Big Tree and Friends (Japanese: 大樹となかまたち Daiki to Nakama-tachi) is a song performed by Junko Hirotani. It is featured on the CD Soaring Pokémon Kids.


Japanese English
ここに おいで なかまたち
心 そっと 横たえなさい

光 こぼれ そよぐ 風
緑 不思議 静か 夢
‥‥の 中で
きみは もう 大きな木と 話をしてる
いつしか そばに なかまたち

ここに ずっと このままで
緑 不思議 静か 夢
‥‥に 抱かれて

ねえ “みんな”って “ひとり”のこと?
ねえ “ひとり”って “みんな”のことかな?

やがて きみは
森に 別れ 告げる
いつしか そばに
なかまたちの 微笑み
Come here, little friends
Please gently lay down your hearts

The sunshine beams down, while the wind sways
Within the calm, mysterious, green dream
In it...
You're already talking to a big tree
Without noticing, friends have appeared by your side

It's always like this here
Enveloped by...
The calm, mysterious, green dream

So, does "everyone" mean "alone"?
So, does "alone" mean "everyone"?

Soon, you will
Bid farewell to the forest
Without noticing
Friends are smiling by your side

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