Bidoof's Wish

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Bidoof's Wish
ビッパのねがいごと Bippa's Wish
Special Episode 1
MDSky EP1.png
Unlock Requirement Clear Mt. Bristle
Dungeon Star Cave
Main Characters Bidoof, Snover*
Bold indicates the playable character

Bidoof's Wish (Japanese: ビッパのねがいごと Bippa's Wish) is the first Special Episode in Pokémon Mystery Dungeon: Explorers of Sky. This episode is unlocked after completing Chapter 3. This episode is set in the past before the player and their partner joined the guild. Bidoof dreams about becoming the best explorer ever.


Spoiler warning: this article may contain major plot or ending details.

The story begins with Bidoof, the playable main character of the episode. Bidoof has left his home and family to become the best explorer ever. He goes to Wigglytuff's Guild, becomes an apprentice and trains at the guild. Bidoof, however, somehow manages to mess up during his activities. For example, he eats all of Wigglytuff's Perfect Apples and hands Loudred a Doom Seed instead of a Reviver Seed. Bidoof becomes discouraged and hopeless because he always messes up. He nearly gives up on the idea of becoming a great explorer, until, one day, something happens. One day, after the morning cheers, Chatot tells Bidoof go into town and find out how many Oran Berries are on sale at the Kecleon Market. Bidoof tells Chatot he wants to do one of the missions on the Job Bulletin Board instead of doing little errands. Chatot is shocked and tells Bidoof that if he were to do an exploration job, he would mess it up badly. Bidoof becomes dismayed at this. Chatot consoles Bidoof, telling him that he has to be patient; to become a great explorer, he has to do his best and work hard at his training. On that note, Bidoof heads off to the Kecleon Market. Upon asking, the Kecleon Brothers inform Bidoof that there are two Oran Berries for sale. Bidoof tells them about how he wants to become an explorer like the other apprentices in the guild and asks them how can he become an explorer quickly. The purple Kecleon tells Bidoof that all he needs a TM. The purple Kecleon offers Bidoof the TM Hidden Power. Bidoof asks how much it costs, and the Kecleon says 6,500 Poké. Bidoof is shocked by the price, but knows he has the money for it. Before Bidoof left for his journey, his Mama gave him 7,000 Poké. The memory convinces Bidoof not to buy the TM. Then all of a sudden a mysterious Pokémon runs into Bidoof. The Pokémon hands Bidoof something and runs off. Soon after, a Gligar and a Bagon show up, looking for the mysterious Pokémon. Bidoof tells them the direction the mysterious Pokémon ran off to and the duo leaves in pursuit.

At the guild all of the apprentices eat dinner in the dining hall. After dinner Bidoof gets ready for bed, but can't fall asleep because of Loudred's snoring. Bidoof thinks back to what happened that afternoon. He looks at the object the mysterious Pokémon gave him and it turns out to be a map to a place called Star Cave. Bidoof gets restless because Star Cave sounds like a fascinating place, but he eventually falls asleep, to prepare for training the next day.

In the morning Bidoof realizes that he overslept and Loudred has to wake him up. After the morning cheers Bidoof asks Chatot about Star Cave. Chatot tells Bidoof that Star Cave is a legendary place with an unknown location. Legend has it that the rare Pokémon Jirachi sleeps there, and if you wake up Jirachi, it will grant you a wish. After hearing this Bidoof gets excited because he has the map to Star Cave and he can go there to get his wish of becoming the best explorer ever granted. Chatot becomes suspicious about Bidoof's behavior, almost as if he knew Bidoof was hiding something. Then Loudred tells Bidoof he has a visitor. Bidoof goes outside and sees the mysterious Pokémon that handed him the map waiting for him. The mysterious Pokémon's name is Snover and he tells Bidoof about what happened the day before. The duo, Bagon and Gligar, want the map to Star Cave, so they chased Snover, knowing he had the map. The duo found out that he had dumped the map off somewhere after they caught him. Afterwards, Snover began asking around about the Pokémon he had handed the map to. He finds out it was Bidoof. He now thanks Bidoof for holding the map and apologizes for all the trouble he caused yesterday. Bidoof asks Snover if the map really lead to Star Cave. Snover answers yes, and asks Bidoof if they could go together, since Snover can't make it through the dungeon alone. Bidoof agrees to go, since he was thinking about making a wish to Jirachi, too. But then Bidoof realizes that he has training at the guild, so he goes to Chatot and lies about feeling sick and being unable to work. Chatot becomes suspicious because of Bidoof's legendary appetite, but Chatot lets him off for a day anyway. Back outside, Snover tells Bidoof to stock up on supplies before they leave. Once everything is ready, Bidoof and Snover head off to Star Cave.

After traversing Star Cave with Snover, and reaching Deep Star Cave, Bidoof is jumped by the Bagon and Gligar from earlier on. Bidoof is stunned, and asks how they found Star Cave without the map. Snover reveals that he has been in league with Bagon and Gligar from the moment he and Bidoof met. The trio is a band of thieves known as Team Rogue, and Snover is the leader. They had seen Bidoof's money earlier, when he was contemplating about buying the TM at the Kecleon Market, and lured him here to steal the cash. Bidoof fights the trio, but they are still too powerful and defeat him (the player can win, but the story will still play as though Bidoof lost). As Team Rogue closes in, all the members of Wigglytuff's Guild pop out and surround the group. Everyone battles once more, and Team Rogue flees. Chatot explains that he followed Bidoof after noticing his strange behavior. Guildmaster Wigglytuff begins examining the back wall of the cave, and is able to open up a path that leads deeper into the cave. The group is excited about searching for Jirachi, but Wigglytuff declares that the exploration still belongs to Bidoof, and thus he is the only one to continue on (despite the Guildmaster's change of heart soon after).

Bidoof continues a little further, eventually reaching the Star Cave Pit. At a dead end once again, he begins to lose hope of finding Jirachi. He soon hears a voice, however, which reveals itself to be a very sleepy, mumbling Jirachi. Its stupor and restlessness gives it the ability to attack even while asleep, and it does attack Bidoof. A victorious battle allows Bidoof to awaken Jirachi, who promises to grant him a wish. After running through many ideas in his head, Bidoof asks to be the greatest explorer of all time. Just before Jirachi grants his wish, Bidoof changes his mind. He does want to be the greatest explorer ever, but as a result of his own hard work, not a simple wish. Instead, Bidoof wishes for some new apprentices to join Wigglytuff's Guild, so he has someone to guide and become friends with. These are assumed to be the player and their partner in the main storyline. Jirachi grants the wish, and Bidoof returns to the guild.

Major Events

  • Bidoof meets Jirachi and wishes for new apprentices.


Spr b 4d 399 m.png
Normal Unknown
Simple or Unaware
Held item:
Bidoof Lv.10+
Normal Physical
Normal Status
Defense Curl
Normal Status
Spr b 4d 459 m.png
Grass Ice
Snow Warning
Held item:
Snover Lv.22
Grass Status
Normal Status
Icy Wind
Ice Special
Powder Snow
Ice Special


Save points

  • Bidoof's Bed
  • The Watering Hole
  • Kangaskhan Rock


  • The player can take money and items from the Kangaskhan Storage and Duskull Bank from the main storyline. All of the items and money received during the episode will both be stored there.
  • Despite the fact that Bidoof is often seen with his 7000 Poké, it is never seen in the Duskull Bank, when out on explorations, or even around Treasure Town.
  • In the artwork of Bidoof and Jirachi, Bidoof is shown with three tail lumps. However, Bidoof should have five tail lumps because he is a male.

In other languages

Language Title
France Flag.png French Le vœu de Keunotor
Germany Flag.png German Der Wunsch von Bidiza
Italy Flag.png Italian Il desiderio di Bidoof
Spain Flag.png Spanish El deseo de Bidoof

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