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epnum=M05 |
epnum=M05 |
epname=Pokémon Heroes |
epname=Pokémon Heroes |
enva= [[Lisa Ortiz]] |
enva= Unknown |
java=[[Fumiko Orikasa]]|
java=[[Fumiko Orikasa]]|
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{{vatable|color={{white color}}|bordercolor={{white color light}}
|ja=折笠富美子 ''Fumiko Orikasa''
|ja=折笠富美子 ''Fumiko Orikasa''
|en=[[Lisa Ortiz]]
|es_eu=Isacha Mengíbar
|es_eu=Isacha Mengíbar
|pt_br=Tânia Gaidarji}}
|pt_br=Tânia Gaidarji}}

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カノン Kanon
Gender Female
Hometown Alto Mare
Region Johto
Relatives Lorenzo (grandfather)
Anime debut Pokémon Heroes
English voice actor Unknown
Japanese voice actor Fumiko Orikasa

Bianca (Japanese: カノン Kanon) is a primary character in Pokémon Heroes. She is the granddaughter of Lorenzo and the best friend of Latias, who has a tendency to shapeshift into her. Bianca has a hairstyle similar to Latias' wings, and can usually be identified from Latias' illusion by the white beret she wears. It appears she wishes to be a painter or possibly a Pokémon Watcher similar to Tracey Sketchit.


Latias in human form, disguised as Bianca

Bianca first appears in the museum, drawing some of the stain glass windows in the museum. Ash is distracted by her, since he previously saved Latias in the form of Bianca and believes she is the same girl he rescued. Wanting to know why she disappeared after he saved "her", Ash and Pikachu pursue her across Alto Mare, finally catching up to her on the other side of the bridge, but Bianca is confused by his questions and quickly departs. Ash loses track of Bianca but instead follows Latias to the secret garden. As Latios attacks Ash, Bianca appears and believes Ash is the one attacking. Lorenzo soon appears and stops the fighting, Bianca believing that Ash was trying to harm Latios. She soon learns the truth and apologizes for her actions, becoming friends with Ash. She is later captured along with Lorenzo in the museum and held hostage, and tells Latios to use Sight Sharing to bring Ash and Latias to the museum. Bianca and Lorenzo are freed and help save Latios from being tortured. Bianca is deeply upset by Latios's sacrificial death and receives the new Soul Dew.

Bianca's drawing

The conclusion of the film briefly sees her finishing a drawing. The drawing, which is of Ash and Pikachu, is given to Ash by either Bianca, who had left her hat on her easel, or Latias in the form of Bianca: which is the case is the subject of debate. When Ash received the sketch, the girl kissed him. Bianca is seen again in the credits drawing another sketch by the harbor.





Sugimori Bianca anime.png
Ken Sugimori's design of Bianca

Voice actors

Language Voice actor
Japanese 折笠富美子 Fumiko Orikasa
English Unknown
Brazilian Portuguese Tânia Gaidarji
European Spanish Isacha Mengíbar


Language Name Origin
Japanese カノン Kanon Possibly from canon.
English Bianca Italian for white.
Korean 캐논 Canon Transliteration of her Japanese name.
Chinese (Mandarin) 卡儂 Kǎnóng Transliteration of her Japanese name. May also be a reference to 卡農 (canon).

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