Best Friends

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If you were looking for the Ribbon, see List of Ribbons in the games → Best Friends Ribbon. For the Vietnamese song, see Best Friend.
Best Friends
Song Best Friends.png
Bonus Track
Artist Chris "Breeze" Barczynski
Composer John Loeffler, David Wolfert
KOCH Records
Title Pokémon X
Catalog no. ?
When the Pokémon X album was first made available on iTunes, this song was not included; it was one of five bonus songs added when the album was released on CD.

Best Friends is a song featured on the Pokémon X CD. It was first featured in Sweet Baby James. The song begins to play after Nanny tells James that his Chimecho will have to stay at the summer cottage, because it is too sick to travel.


James remembers all of the good times that he had with his Chimecho:

First, we see the scene from the episode Who's Flying Now?, when James meets Chimecho for the first time. We also see it wrap its tail around his head twice, from two different scenes, in one of its signature 'moves' from the anime.

Next, clips from Lessons in Lilycove! are shown, in which Jessie and Chimecho are pitted against May and her Combusken in a Pokémon Contests. We see Jessie pulling Chimecho's tail, Chimecho wrapped around Combusken, and then Combusken using Fire Spin on Chimecho. James is then shown, sitting next to Meowth in the audience, visibly upset over Chimecho's battle.

The flashback sequence then shows the Team Rocket motto, including Jessie, James, Meowth, Wobbuffet, and Chimecho.

Another scene from Lessons in Lilycove! is used, showing Chimecho using Astonish on Jessie and Meowth (it grows larger and makes a frightening face at them).

At the end of the memories, a single still image of James holding Chimecho and smiling is shown. The sounds of James laughing and Chimecho 'chiming' can be heard while the song continues to play.

Although the song continues to play, its volume is lowered as James says goodbye to Chimecho. As James reaches into his pocket to retrieve Chimecho's Poké Ball for Nanny and Pop-Pop, the song finally fades out completely.





You've been with me through thick and thin, you've never let me down
You're always there to lend a hand when there's no one else around
You had the faith when no one else believed
You gave me strength 'cause you saw the good in me

I can't imagine me without you or you without me
We've always been two best friends naturally
And if I'm ever afraid, you help me pull through
Forever best friends, me and you

You need to know you're not alone, I'll be back real soon
There's not a day when I'm away when I won't think of you
Don't give up hope, we'll be a team again
And in your heart you've got to know I'll always be your friend

I can't imagine me without you or you without me
We've always been two best friends naturally
And if I'm ever afraid, you help me pull through
Forever best friends, me and you

Forever best friends, me and you


In other languages

Language Title
Germany Flag.png German Was wäre ich ohne dich What would I be without you
Brazil Flag.png Brazilian Portuguese Para Sempre com Você Estarei I'll Always Be with You
CELAC Flag.png Latin American Spanish Por siempre amigos tú y yo Forever friends you and me
Sweden Flag.png Swedish Du och jag You and I

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