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This article is about an in-game character. For the TV program, see Jubilife TV.

The Berry Master distributes Berries.


He is located on Route 30 in Generation II, Route 123 in Generation III, and on Route 208 in Generation IV. In Generation III, there are twelve patches of soil in his garden on which berries can be planted.


Generation II

The Berry Master of Generation II only gives a plain Berry (the one that heals 10 HP).

Generation III

Every day, the Berry Master of Generation III gives players two berries. These are randomly selected from the first thirty berries obtainable in Hoenn (Cheri to Nomel). The five berries after that are distributed by his wife after saying special phrases consisting of two words. The five berries following those can only be obtained at the Battle Frontier in Emerald and from special events in Pokémon Colosseum and XD.

Below displays the five berries which can be obtained from her and what phrase to use:

The Berry Master's wife also mentions four grandchildren. Although nothing is stated, the following people who give out berries daily could possibly be the grandchildren: a Beauty along Route 120; a lad standing outside of Lanette's house along Route 114; a woman just north of the Route 111 rest stop; and a girl named Kiri in Sootopolis City.

Generation IV

In Generation IV, however, the Berry Master only gives out one berry, though it could again just be any berry from 1 to 30.


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