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Bell Tower
Tin Tower
Suzu Tower
"Wild Missingno. appeared!"
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Location: Northeast Ecruteak City
Region: Johto
Generations: II, IV
Location of Bell Tower in Johto.
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The Bell Tower (Japanese: スズのとう Suzu Tower) is a location in Johto in east Ecruteak City. Ho-Oh formerly perched at the top of this ten-story tower, but flew away after the other tower in the west of Ecruteak City burned down mysteriously.

In the games

File:Tin Tower Clear Bells.png
The top of Bell Tower

The Bell Tower was once the perch of the legendary Ho-Oh, however, long before the time of the Generation II games and their remakes, Ho-Oh flew away, never to return. Many Trainers came to the tower, hoping to cause Ho-Oh to return to the tower, but no one had yet been successful. Finally, with the Rainbow Wing and Clear Bell, the player is able to summon Ho-Oh to the Bell Tower to battle it atop the roof.

In Generation II, the tower was named as the Tin Tower, and only the Rainbow Wing was required to reach the top. In Pokémon Crystal, the Clear Bell summoned Suicune to the first floor of the tower, however, Ho-Oh would not appear until all three of the legendary beasts had been captured.


File:Ho-Oh Tin HGSS.png
Ho-Oh flying around the tower

Seven hundred years before the games' events, two nine-tier towers were built opposite each other in Ecruteak City. The towers were built to foster friendship and hope between Pokémon and people. The view from the top of the towers was said to be 'magnificent'.

The western tower was said to awaken Pokémon, while the eastern tower was where Pokémon were said to rest, a similarity to the Hoenn region's Cave of Origin and Mt. Pyre, respectively. Ho-Oh roosted at the top of the Bell Tower to the east.

However, about 150 years before the games' events, a lightning bolt struck the western tower. It was engulfed in flames that raged for three days. A sudden downpour finally put out the blaze, but it had already burnt to the ground. Three nameless Pokémon perished in the fire. But Ho-Oh descended from the sky and resurrected them. The Pokémon are said to embody three powers: the lightning that struck the tower, the fire that burned the tower, and the rain that put out the fire. When the Pokémon appeared, they struck terror in those who saw their rise. The three Pokémon, knowing their own power, fled, running like the wind off into the grassland.

Bellchime Trail

The Bellchime Trail (Japanese: スズねのこみち Ringing Suzu Path) is a short path between the gateway to the Bell Tower and the Bell Tower itself. Formerly located as part of the Ecruteak City map, the location, which features trees in autumn colors year-round, has little of interest aside from the Bell Tower itself, though several hidden items are located here.


Bell Tower as seen in Gold and Silver, as the Tin Tower.
Item Location Games

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Generation II

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Pokémon Games Location Levels Rate
All times

245 Suicune G S C 1F 40 Only One

250 Ho-Oh G S C 10F 40 Only One

250 Ho-Oh G S C 10F 70 Only One

250 Ho-Oh G S C 10F 60 Only One

019 Rattata G S C 2F-9F 20-24 100%

019 Rattata G S C 2F-9F 22-24 20%

092 Gastly G S C 2F-9F 20-22 80%

A colored background means that the Pokémon can be found in this location in the specified game. A white background with a colored letter means that the Pokémon cannot be found here.

Generation IV

File:Ho-Oh Tin Tower HGSS.png
Ho-Oh on top of the Bell Tower
File:Battle Ho-oh.png
Battling Ho-Oh on top of the Bell Tower
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Pokémon Games Location Levels Rate

Special Pokémon

250 Ho-Oh HG SS 10F 45 Only one

250 Ho-Oh HG SS 10F 70 Only one

A colored background means that the Pokémon can be found in this location in the specified game. A white background with a colored letter means that the Pokémon cannot be found here.


In the anime

The tower appeared in the episode For Ho-Oh the Bells Toll, where it was referred to as the Tin Tower like the games of the time. Despite this, the importance of bells are made clear as the tower holds four bells on each floor, which will only ring if Ho-Oh or Suicune are coming. In addition, the bells on the top floor are made of crystal and will only ring for Ho-Oh's appearance.

Neither of the towers have any relation to Lugia in this continuity. This tower was also built later - after the other tower had already burned. It is said that Ho-Oh would occasionally appear at the old tower as a sign of peace to a chosen few who were Morty's ancestors. However, several greedy people tried to take its power, burning down the original in the ensuing battle and forcing Ho-Oh to flee the tower. The people of Ecruteak City decided to make another tower in hope of Ho-Oh returning, though it never did.



A Buddhist temple in the real world city of Kyoto is known as Ginkaku-ji. Unlike its counterpart, Kinkaku-ji, which is covered in gold leaf, this temple is not covered in silver leaf, though this was originally intended. A statue of avian likeness rest atop each of the two real world towers.

Name origin

The Japanese name of the tower, スズのとう Suzu no Tō, could be translated either to "Tin Tower" (as it was in Generation II), or "Bell Tower" (as it was in Generation IV). Tin is a metal that has a bright, silvery sheen, but is far less valuable than actual silver. Suzu are a type of bell used in Shinto rituals, which both the Clear Bell and Tidal Bell are based on.

In other languages

  • Spanish: Torre Hojalata/Torre Campana (II/IV), but mentioned in Diamond, Pearl, and Platinum as Torre Lata
  • Italian: Torre di Latta
  • German: Zinnturm
  • French: Tour Ferraille/Tour Carillon (II/IV)
  • Korean: 방울탑

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