battle gene M

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battle gene M
battle gene M
Artist MTM with バトルウーマンM
MTM with battle woman M
Lyrics 戸田昭吾
Akihito Toda
Composer 増田順一
Junichi Masuda
Arrangement 宮崎慎二
Shinji Miyazaki

battle gene M (Japanese: バトル遺伝子M) is a song by MTM (mystery thunder mask) with battle woman M (Japanese: バトルウーマンM). The song, first revealed on Pokémon Smash!, is based on Cynthia's battle theme, which is featured on Pokémon Diamond & Pearl Super Music Collection, Pokémon Black & White Super Music Collection, and Pokémon Black 2 & White 2 Super Music Complete under the titles 戦闘!チャンピオン Battle! Champion, 戦闘! シロナ Battle! Shirona, and 戦闘! チャンピオン(シンオウ) Battle! Champion (Shin'ō), respectively.

MTM is composed of Junichi Masuda on keyboards, Shinji Miyazaki on bass, and Hirokazu Tanaka on drums. All three have composed music for the Pokémon franchise. On the other hand, battle woman M, singer of Battle Gene M, is Misaki Momose of Pokémon Smash!. The identities of the four, due to costumes, were not known until the opening ceremonies of the 2011 Pokémon World Championships, wherein the group performed the song live. The song was subsequently performed again in the Pokémon Smash! Everyone Sing! Can You Say the Pokémon? BW event in Roppongi Hills September 4, 2011.

According to Junichi Masuda on his blog, the song came forth when Shoko Nakagawa of Pokémon Sunday came to Game Freak and requested a song from him.


Japanese Romaji English
ゴヴァリの夕日も ビビってふるえてる

最短記録で おまえはくずれ落ち



シクロ ナビク サンク ノビヨ ウクニ
つよく やさしく!

ポーズはいい そこをどけ!
カガミの前にこそ おまえに似あってる

「つよさよりも やさしさを」



タミサ キタモ イツカ カタナ ラタズ
つよく やさしく!
やさしく つよく!
Tatakau idenshi ga sawagu
Kore wa batoru-gokko janē!
Govari no yūhi mo bibitte furuete iru

Bōi mo gāru mo nai sekai
Raburabu ♡ toka kankei nē!
Saitan kiroku de omae wa kuzure-ochi
Watashi ni sugaritsuku!

Umi ni hoeru
Tsuki ni inoru

< Bikutorī· no· angou· o· kaidoku· seyo
Bikutorī· no· angou· o· kaidoku· seyo >

Tsuyoku yasashiku!

Hīrō kidoru matcho yarō
Pōzu wa ī soko o doke!
Kagami no mae ni koso omae ni ni atte iru

Gī· yamin shinooshiede wa
"Tsuyo sayori mo yasashi-sa o"
Soredemo watashi no jama suru tsumorinara
Okite nado yaburu ze!

Kumo ni sakebu
Hoshi ni chikau

< Rakūn· no· angou· o· kaidoku· seyo
Rakūn· no· angou· o· kaidoku· seyo >

Tsuyoku yasashiku!
Yasashiku tsuyoku!
My battle gene is rallying
This is not a pretend battle!
Even the setting sun of Govari is trembling before me

This a world without boys and girls
It has nothing to do with affections
You will crumble before me in record time
And then you shall beg for mercy

Howl to the sea
Pray to the moon

<Remove · the · password · of · victory
Remove · the · password · of · victory>

I WAry NoT TrOy BErry COMEt LocI tyKE CYNic THy vIA
Become strong, become gentle

Put on the face of a macho hero
No need for the pose, take it away!
Put on the glasses for sure, and show it, that's all

Master Gii Yamin has taught me
"Better to show gentleness than to compare with strength"
But if you still want to hinder me
I will destroy you!

Shouting to the clouds
Swearing to the stars

<Remove · the · password · of · raccoon
Remove · the · password · of · raccoon>

Macaron IS A KIWI caLL ALaS acOrnS cOME DrAY
Become strong, become gentle
Become gentle, become strong

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