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{{incomplete|article|Research and more information about the exclusive features in the Japanese Crystal is required; identities of the prizes in Crystal is needed}}
{{incomplete|article|Research and more information about the exclusive features in the Japanese Crystal is required; identities of the prizes in Crystal is needed}}
{{Infobox location
{{Infobox location
|image=Johto Battle Tower.png
|image=Battle Tower C.png
|location_name=Battle Tower
|location_name=Battle Tower

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Battle Tower バトルタワー
Battle Tower
"Wild Missingno. appeared!"
Battle Tower C.png
Map description: {{{mapdesc}}}
Location: West of Olivine CityCHGSS
Region: Johto
Generations: II, IV*
Johto Frontier Access Map.png
Location of Battle Tower in Johto.
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The Battle Tower (Japanese: バトルタワー Battle Tower) is Johto's premiere battle facility, located at the northernmost part of Route 40, west of Olivine City. It was introduced in Pokémon Crystal, being separated from the route itself by a gate, and was reintroduced as a facility in the Battle Frontier in Pokémon HeartGold and SoulSilver.

As the first Battle Tower in the series, it introduced many of the special rules that would later be expanded upon for Battle Towers in Hoenn and Sinnoh, as well as the Battle Frontiers that eventually joined them. Later Battle Towers have tweaked the rules somewhat, and since Pokémon Emerald have had a Tower Tycoon in charge of them, much like a Gym Leader is in charge of a Gym.

Its location is characteristic as it is built on the same landmass as the rest of the region. This contrasts with later Battle Towers, who are located on islands that can only be accessed by boat, or after having visited, by using Fly. It is also unique for being the only Battle Tower that the player can challenge before becoming the Champion.

In its original incarnation, it is the only Battle Tower that allows all legendary Pokémon, as later generations would ban powerful legendary Pokémon like Mewtwo and event legendary Pokémon like Mew, regardless of their level.

In the Japanese version of Pokémon Crystal, the Battle Tower takes advantage of the Pokémon Mobile System GB.

In the games


The original Battle Tower established the main special rules of this particular challenge but it was nonetheless the least restrictive of all Battle Towers.


The player must have obtained all 8 Johto League Badges in order to be granted access to the Battle Tower. In the Japanese version of Pokémon Crystal, the Mobile Adapter GB is required as the Battle Tower is only unlocked after the initial successful connection to the Pokémon Mobile System GB.


Battle Tower challenges are made by entering three of the player's Pokémon with the attendant at the front desk. The attendant will then guide the player to a special room where they will battle against seven opponents in a row, healing between each battle. After each of the seven Trainers has been defeated, the player will have beaten the streak and be rewarded with one of five of the vitamins.


The Battle Tower has several restrictions aside from the amount of Pokémon which can be entered.

  • All Pokémon must be less than or equal to the level of battle challenged. Levels are in intervals of 10.
  • No two Pokémon can be holding the same item.
  • Items cannot be used by Trainers on their Pokémon.
  • Mewtwo, Mew, Lugia, Ho-Oh, and Celebi are only allowed to be entered if the level chosen is 70 or higher. Eggs are not allowed to enter.

Japanese Crystal

In the Japanese version of Pokémon Crystal, the Battle Tower is directly associated with the Pokémon Mobile System GB. Further multiplayer features are available, including mobile battles, for which a small price is charged on the players' mobile phones. If the player battled well enough, they could become a Room Leader (Japanese: ルームリーダー Room Leader). All Room Leaders would be registered in the Honor Roll of the Mobile Center for posterity.

HeartGold and SoulSilver

Main article: Battle Tower (Sinnoh)

In Pokémon HeartGold and SoulSilver, the Battle Tower was replaced with the one from Pokémon Platinum and likewise joined by a Battle Frontier, much like the other two Battle Towers. Palmer is the Frontier Brain in these games. It is also the only facility in the Battle Frontier that is affected by the GB Sounds outside of battle.

In the anime

The Battle Tower in the anime.

The Battle Tower made a cameo appearance in Fight for the Light, where Team Rocket mistook it for an office building and tried to get in, but to no avail as the security officers asked for Gym Badges.


In other languages

Language Title
France Flag.png European French Tour de Combat
Germany Flag.png German Duellturm
Italy Flag.png Italian Torre Lotta
Spain Flag.png European Spanish Torre Batalla


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