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Battle Subway ?
Battle Subway
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Location: Raimon City
Region: Isshu
Generations: V
Location of Battle Subway in Isshu.
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The Battle Subway is a facility found in Pokémon Black and White, and is the Isshu equivalent of the Battle Tower. The Battle Subway Station is located in Raimon City.


There are eight different subways for the player to choose from, seven of which can be battled in. Each subway is fundamentally the same, having a set of seven carts with a single Trainer to be battled. After the seventh battle, the subway will stop and the player will get off at the station and be awarded Battle Points. They can then choose to continue to the next subway or return to the main station. The player is allowed to heal their Pokémon between battles.

The level of the player's Pokémon will be reduced to level 50, and the number of Pokémon to be chosen will vary depending on the subway line.

Green Line

Single Battles

Dark Green Line

Harder Single Battles

Red Line

Double Battles

Pink Line

Harder Double Battles

Orange Line

Multi-player Double Battles

Yellow Line

Harder Multi-player Double Battles

Light Blue Line

Wi-Fi Battles

Brown Line

The Brown Line, unlike the other subway lines, is not a true Battle Subway, and will instead take the player to Kanawa Town.

Subway Master

After winning 21 and 48 battles consecutively in one of the seven Battle Subways, a Subway Master will offer the player a challenge.

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