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Battle Subway バトルサブウェイ
Battle Subway
"Wild Missingno. appeared!"
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Location: Nimbasa City
Region: Unova
Generations: V
File:Unova Battle Subway Map.png
Location of Battle Subway in Unova.
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The Battle Subway (Japanese: バトルサブウェイ Battle Subway) is a facility found in Pokémon Black and White, and is the Unova equivalent of the Battle Tower. The Battle Subway Station is located in Nimbasa City.


Seven of the subway Lines involve battling. Like the Generation IV Battle Tower, the player may participate in Single battles, Double battles, Multi battles, or Wi-Fi battles. In each mode, the player must defeat seven Trainers in a row (two Trainers at a time in Multi battles) to earn Battle Points. Afterwards, the player can continue battling or return to Nimbasa City. The player's total win streak is reported after each battle, and the player's current win streaks and Battle Points can be viewed in the Vs. Recorder.

The Single, Double, and Multi Battle modes contain two Lines: the Normal Line and the Super Line. In the Normal Line, the opponents only use Generation V Pokémon, and the Subway Master can be challenged in the 21st battle. After defeating the Subway Master, the Line ends and the player is returned to Nimbasa City.

The Super Line is unlocked after defeating the Normal Line's Subway Master. In this mode, the opponents use fully evolved Pokémon from all five generations. After 48 battles, the Subway Master can be challenged once again.

Line Number of Eligible Pokémon
Single 3
Super Single 3
Double 4
Super Double 4
Multi 2 per player
Super Multi 2 per player
Wi-Fi 3
Normal Takes the player to Kanawa Town.

All Pokémon are set to level 50 on the Battle Subway. Unlike previous battling facilities, the player does not automatically lose if both Trainers' last Pokémon faint simultaneously. [1]


In the Multi Battle Lines, the player can team up with another player via wireless or infared. Otherwise, the player can team up with the NPC Touya or Touko, depending on the player's gender. The NPC asks what kind of team they prefer to team up with, based on attack, defense or balance, and adjust their team accordingly.


Banned Pokémon

Regardless of what challenge is taken, the following Pokémon are not allowed:

150 Mewtwo 151 Mew 249 Lugia 250 Ho-Oh 251 Celebi 382 Kyogre 383 Groudon
384 Rayquaza 385 Jirachi 386 Deoxys
Normal Forme
386A Deoxys
Attack Forme
386D Deoxys
Defense Forme
386S Deoxys
Speed Forme
483 Dialga
484 Palkia 487 Giratina
Altered Forme
487O Giratina
Origin Forme
489 Phione 490 Manaphy 491 Darkrai 492 Shaymin
Land Forme
492S Shaymin
Sky Forme
493 Arceus 494 Victini 643 Reshiram 644 Zekrom 646 Kyurem 647 Keldeo
648 Meloetta
Voice Forme
648S Meloetta
Step Forme
649 Genesect Egg Egg

Excluded Pokémon

In addition to the banned Pokémon, the following fully evolved Pokémon are not used by opponents on the Super Lines. [2]

012 Butterfree 015 Beedrill 018 Pidgeot 020 Raticate 022 Fearow 024 Arbok 028 Sandslash
036 Clefable 040 Wigglytuff 047 Parasect 053 Persian 055 Golduck 057 Primeape 083 Farfetch'd
085 Dodrio 091 Cloyster 097 Hypno 099 Kingler 106 Hitmonlee 107 Hitmonchan 119 Seaking
132 Ditto 139 Omastar 141 Kabutops 162 Furret 164 Noctowl 166 Ledian 168 Ariados
178 Xatu 184 Azumarill 185 Sudowoodo 189 Jumpluff 192 Sunflora 202 Wobbuffet 203 Girafarig
206 Dunsparce 211 Qwilfish 219 Magcargo 222 Corsola 224 Octillery 225 Delibird 226 Mantine
234 Stantler 235 Smeargle 237 Hitmontop 262 Mightyena 264 Linoone 267 Beautifly 269 Dustox
277 Swellow 279 Pelipper 284 Masquerain 291 Ninjask 292 Shedinja 301 Delcatty 302 Sableye
303 Mawile 311 Plusle 312 Minun 313 Volbeat 314 Illumise 317 Swalot 319 Sharpedo
323 Camerupt 324 Torkoal 326 Grumpig 327 Spinda 332 Cacturne 335 Zangoose 336 Seviper
337 Lunatone 338 Solrock 342 Crawdaunt 351 Castform 352 Kecleon 354 Banette 357 Tropius
358 Chimecho 362 Glalie 367 Huntail 368 Gorebyss 369 Relicanth 370 Luvdisc 400 Bibarel
402 Kricketune 413 Wormadam
Plant Cloak
413G Wormadam
Sandy Cloak
413S Wormadam
Trash Cloak
414 Mothim 417 Pachirisu 421 Cherrim
432 Purugly 441 Chatot 455 Carnivine 457 Lumineon 479 Rotom 479O Rotom
Heat Rotom
479W Rotom
Wash Rotom
479R Rotom
Frost Rotom
479F Rotom
Fan Rotom
479L Rotom
Mow Rotom
480 Uxie 481 Mesprit 482 Azelf 505 Watchog
508 Murando 510 Lepardas

Subway Master

After winning 21 and 48 battles consecutively in one of the seven Battle Subways (excluding the Wi-Fi Line), a Subway Master will challenge the player.

When the Subway Masters are defeated on the Super Single and Super Double Lines, a Trainer star is earned.

Subway Master Nobori

Nobori can be battled on the Single and Super Single Lines.

On 21st consecutive battle

On 49th consecutive battle

Subway Master Kudari

Kudari can be battled on the Double and Super Double Lines.

On 21st consecutive battle

On 49th consecutive battle

Subway Master Nobori and Subway Master Kudari

Nobori and Kudari can be battled together on the Multi and Super Multi Lines.

On 21st consecutive battle

On 49th consecutive battle

Exchangable items

Protein Protein
Iron Iron
Calcium Calcium
Zinc Zinc
Carbos Carbos
Power Bracer Power Bracer
Power Belt Power Belt
Power Lens Power Lens
Power Band Power Band
Power Anklet Power Anklet
Power Weight Power Weight
Toxic Orb Toxic Orb
Flame Orb Flame Orb
White Herb White Herb
Power Herb Power Herb
Bulb Bulb
Rechargeable Battery Rechargeable Battery
Red Card Red Card
Escape Button Escape Button
Wise Glasses Wise Glasses
Muscle Band Muscle Band
Scope Lens Scope Lens
Zoom Lens Zoom Lens
Wide Lens Wide Lens
BrightPowder BrightPowder
Focus Band Focus Band
Focus Sash Focus Sash
Choice Band Choice Band
Choice Specs Choice Specs
Choice Scarf Choice Scarf
Life Orb Life Orb
Iron Ball Iron Ball
Balloon Balloon
Pressure Band Pressure Band
Razor Claw Razor Claw
Razor Fang Razor Fang
Rare Candy Rare Candy


  • Walrein and Donphan with the move Metronome could be used by opponents. Neither of these Pokémon can legitimately know this move.


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