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In Pokémon Battle Revolution, Battle passes must be used to compete and the Pokémon on your chosen pass act as your party Pokémon; All of the passes consist of at least one Pokémon, with a maximum of six, a Picture of the trainer & the trainers title. At the beginning of each Colosseum or battle you get to choose a pass from the passes you have gained, once chose you can only use the Pokémon on the pass until the completion (that may be a Colosseum or a single battle depending on what mode you’re playing in) is complete. There are three Kinds of passes that you can use during various parts of the game, they are Rental Passes, Custom Passes & Friend Passes.

Rental Passes

These are pre set passes on the game, when you first start there are two to choose from but you get more as you progress through the game. The Pokémon, which are known as “Rental Pokemon”, on the passes are interchangeable between the rental passes only. This means that the more you unlock the better rental pass you can make. This is really the only thin you can change on these every thin else is fixed to the individual passes, you can’t put Pokémon from Diamond Version and Pearl Version on to these, nor can you put rental Pokémon onto your Custom Passes. You can use the rental passes in all areas of the game.

Custom Passes

This is where you basically start with a blank back round and make your own pass using Pokémon from Diamond and Pearl. You can use the rental passes in all areas of the game.


You can choose from a number of different backgrounds, as you play through you gain more choice such as backgrounds featuring one of the single player Colosseum. Also the codes that unlock the mystery gifts of Magmortar & Electivire get you two more backgrounds


Each pass will allow you to place up to 6 different Pokémon on it, as long as they are not being used on another custom pass. There is no restriction to which six other than the fact you can’t use rental Pokémon, for example you could put 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 or 6 Magikarp on one pass. You can move them from pass to pass however if you do want to change the pass with out destroying it

Personal Appearance

This is where most Custom Passes will differ from each other. Firstly you pick the basic look for your trainer, there are 6 base models 3 male & 3 Female and each model has 3 skin tones. At first that is all you can do. After you beat a Colosseum you get Poké Coupons, you get more Poké Coupons for winning at higher ranks and harder Colosseums. You can then, exchange these for “Gear” (which is basically various items of clothing) from the shop; some gear also becomes available without purchase more information in the gear section below. Finally you choose weather you pass displays a full boy image of your trainer or just the top half of there body.


Although some items can fit everyone, each base model has its own set of clothing that only that model can ware. More & more items of clothing become available to purchase at the shop as you progress through the single player, and some items become available without purchase, they simply appear in as an option to put on your trainer. The following categories are available

Hats Hair Face Glasses Tops Hands Bottoms Badges Bags Shoes Outfits (Not bought at the shop - they in the Edit appearance section of Custom Pass)


You can also alter what your trainer says in different situations, these will, however, default back when in a WiFi Battle. This is believed to be so no one can send obscene words or phrases to younger gamers. The situations are - Introduction before the battle, when sending out your first Pokémon, when calling a Pokémon back, when sending a new Pokémon out, winning a battle & losing a battle.

Trainer Titles

These are what they say they are - so for example if you choose your title to be Beginner Trainer and you name was Ash the custom pass your read Beginner Trainer Ash, if you change it to Advance Trainer you pass would read Advance Trainer Ash. The trainer titles also affect the default catchphrases which will be different depending on your trainer title. There are various ways to get these, some are gained in the normal manor of going through the single player Colosseum, others are gained through having different types of Pokémon on a pass and some need you to meet other requirements.

Titles I have seen so far are Beginner Trainer Advance Trainer Sprout Trainer Rain Dancer Friend Recruiter Dragon Trainer Veteran Trainer Pokétopia Master

Friend Passes

These are Passes of other players. You cant alter these and you can only use them in Vs mode to fight against or use your self. You can not use them in WiFi battles or in the Colosseums..

There are two ways to get these - on is to battle against some one who has there custom pass on there Wiimote on your system. The only other way is to Battle a Wifi Battle. At the end it will ask you if you want a rematch - if one of you say no then it will ask if you want to exchange friend passes, as long as you both say yes, then Friend passes will be exchanged, you will get theirs and they will get yours.