Battle Frontier Flute Cup

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The setting of the tournament

The Battle Frontier Flute Cup (Japanese: バトルフロンティア・ビードロカップ Battle Frontier Vidro Cup) is an anime-exclusive tournament that takes place in the Hoenn Battle Frontier and consists of Single Battles. The tournament was featured in Serving Up the Flute Cup!.


The tournament consists of one-on-one matches, in which each Trainer is allowed to use two Pokémon. The winner is awarded with a set of five flutes.

Known contestants

Ash with his prizes
Trainer Place
Ash Winner
Hodge Runner-Up
Goh Top 8

Pokémon entered in the tournament


Ash Pikachu.png
Mr. Mime


Goh Scyther.png
Goh Scorbunny.png


Hodge Mightyena.png
Hodge Hariyama.png

Other competitors

Flute Cup Seviper.png
Flute Cup Linoone.png
Flute Cup Altaria.png
Flute Cup Metagross.png

In other languages

Language Title
Mandarin Chinese 對戰開拓區・玻璃哨杯 Duìzhàn Kāituò Qū ・Bōlíshào Bēi
Finland Flag.png Finnish Battle Frontierin huilukisa
Hungary Flag.png Hungarian Csata Front Flóta Kupa
Italy Flag.png Italian Coppa Flauto del Parco Lotta
Poland Flag.png Polish Puchar Fletów Strefy Walk
Brazil Flag.png Brazilian Portuguese Copa da Flauta da Batalha da Fronteira

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