Battle Frontier (Generation III)

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If you were looking for the anime season, see Pokémon: Battle Frontier.
If you were looking for the Japanese anime opening, see Battle Frontier (song).
If you were looking for the English anime opening, see Battle Frontier (dub).

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Ingame Battle Frontier Map

The Battle Frontier is a whole new area introduced in Pokémon Emerald which features several areas where players can battle their Pokémon.

In the anime, the Battle Frontier is set in Kanto, rather than Hoenn, with the individual parts scattered all over the region. After the Hoenn league, Ash Ketchum meets Scott in Viridian City, who invites Ash to visit, after seeing his skill against Agatha. The rules in each of the facilities also seem to be different than those in the game - for one, Ash challenges the head of the facility immediately, without having to win a series of battles first.

Detailed Map

Battle Arena

File:Battle Arena.PNG
The Battle Arena

Battling in the Battle Arena (Japanese: バトルアリーナ) pits two Pokémon against one another for three rounds. If both Pokémon last all three rounds, they are rated on how they battled, and the Pokémon with the higher score wins. The losing Pokémon leaves battle. If both Pokémon have the same score, they both lose. If either Pokémon is knocked out before three rounds are over, that Pokémon loses and there is no scoring for that battle.

Pokémon are scored on their mind, skill, and body. Mind judges Pokémon on the amount and type of offensive moves they use. Skill judges Pokémon on the overall accuracy of their moves. This category is not influenced by the ineffectiveness of moves caused by the use of Detect or Protect. Body judges the amount of HP the Pokémon has left at the end of the battle. This is affected by the amount of HP the Pokémon had at the start of the battle.

After 27 and 55 consecutive wins, Arena Tycoon Greta appears to challenge. Defeating her awards the Guts Symbol.

In the anime, the Battle Arena is located near Saffron City. Before the match began, there is a special machine that used to determine if its a 1-on-1 battle, 2-on-2 or 3-on-3 battle.

Battle Dome

File:Battle Dome.PNG
The Battle Dome

The Battle Dome (Japanese: バトルドーム) is a tournament which consists of 16 trainers.

Before each battle, the player can look at the opponent that he or she is facing, and find out information such as the Pokémon they are using, their battle style, and the type of EV training they do. Also, competitors can look up the info on who is eliminated in each round, as well as the standings in each stage of the competition.

After winning 5 and 10 championships consecutively, Dome Ace Tucker will appear to battle. Defeating him earns the Tactics Symbol.

In the anime, the Battle Dome is located near Lavender Town.

Battle Factory

File:Battle Factory.PNG
The Battle Factory

The Battle Factory (Japanese: バトルファクトリー) is a place for researchers to examine trainers using random Pokémon in battle. Before entering a battle, the guide researcher will tell information about the opponent's team, and allow the player to trade one of their Pokémon for one from the trainer previously defeated.

After 21 and 42 consecutive wins (respectively three and six times through the Battle Factory), Factory Head Noland appears to battle. Defeating him awards the Knowledge Symbol.

In the anime, the Battle Factory is located near Cerulean City. Instead of random Pokémon, Noland just has a lot, and the challenger may choose the Pokémon they will face in battle.

Battle Palace

File:Battle Palace.PNG
The Battle Palace

Pokémon battle on their own within the Battle Palace (Japanese: バトルパレス). A Pokémon's style of attack depends on its nature. When a Pokémon's HP meter falls low, it may be in the Pokémon's nature to change its style of attack.

Palace Maven Spenser appears after 21 and 42 consecutive wins (three and six trips through the palace, respectively), and defeating him earns the Spirits Symbol.

In the anime, the Battle Palace is located near the Seafoam Islands.

Battle Pyramid

File:Battle Pyramid.PNG
The Battle Pyramid

The Battle Pyramid (Japanese: バトルピラミッド) is a 7-layer pyramid. Each room is shrouded in darkness and only by defeating opponents will it light up. A trainer cannot take any items into the pyramid. Any items found within the pyramid may only be used while in the pyramid.

The kind of wild Pokémon encountered depends on many times one has travelled through the pyramid, and include 20 sets of Pokémon, with increasing difficulty from one set to the next. The kinds of tactics the wild Pokémon will use progress as:

File:Battle Pramid flying.PNG
The Battle Pyramid flying in the anime

Trainers who pass 21 consecutive floors (three passes through the pyramid) and 70 floors (ten passes through the pyramid) are challenged by Pyramid King Brandon. Defeating him in battle awards the Brave Symbol.

In the anime, the Battle Pyramid was located near Pewter City. However, the Pyramid has helicopter like turbines installed into it, and thus, has the ability to move about Kanto. In the anime, this building can only be challenged after the other six facilities have been conquered. When the sixth Brain is defeated, he or she will tell the challenge of the current location of the Battle Pyramid.

Battle Pike

File:Battle Pike.PNG
The Battle Pike

The Battle Pike, or Battle Tube (バトルチューブ) in the Japanese version, is a long pike in the design of a Seviper. Inside are 21 rooms, each with its own event. To complete the Battle Pike, one must choose from seven sets of three rooms. Depending on the room, one of eight events will happen:

  • Single Battle: 3 Pokémon per side.
  • Double Battle: 2 Pokémon per side.
  • Single Battle and Healing: 3 Pokémon per side; winner's Pokémon are completely healed.
  • Wild Pokémon: Wild Milotic, Dusclops, and Seviper appear.
  • No Event: Nothing happens.
  • Status Change: A surprise attack will inflict a status on one or more of a player's Pokémon. The status includes Kirlia's Burn, Paralyze, Poison, or Sleep and Dusclops's Burn or Freeze.
  • One or Two Recovery: One or two of the player's Pokémon will be healed.
  • Full Recovery: All of the player's Pokémon will be healed.

The lady standing outside of the rooms will hint at what is in one of the three rooms:

"For some reason, I feel a wave of nostalgia coming from it..." There may be an old man who will heal your Pokémon, "nostalgic" because he misses his youth, a Pokémon that will affect party Pokémon with a status condition, or wild Pokémon missing their homes.

The Frontier Brain of the Battle Pike is Pike Queen Lucy. She challenges trainers who complete 27 rooms (two passes through the pike) and 139 rooms (10 passes). Beat her to obtain the Luck Symbol.

In the anime, the Battle Pike is located near Fuchsia City.

Battle Tower

In the Battle Tower (Japanese: バトルタワー), trainer after random trainer is battled, progressively becoming more difficult.

After 35 wins (five trips through the tower) and 70 wins (ten trips through the tower), Salon Maiden Anabel appears. Defeat her to win the Ability Symbol.

The Battle Tower also retains the multiplayer functions it had as a lone facility in Pokémon Ruby and Sapphire. For these, please see Battle Tower (Hoenn).

In the anime, the Battle Tower is located near Tohjo Falls.

The Battle Tower is also where the infamous Pokémon cloning glitch takes place.

Other Points of Interest

Artisan Cave

The Artisan Cave is a long cave connecting one end of the Battle Frontier to the other. It starts near the Battle Palace and the exit is right next to the Battle Tower.

The cave is two levels high, contains several stat-boosting items, and the only wild Pokémon found inside is Smeargle.


There is a house next to the Battle Tower. Inside, there is a trainer who wants to trade a Meowth for a Skitty.

Record Hall

The record hall contains all of the records that the player has set at the Battle Frontier. There are three rooms. The one on the left contains records for the Battle Pike, Dome, and Factory, the one in the center has records for the Battle Tower, and the one on the right contains records for the Battle Palace, Pyramid, and Arena.

If the player mixes records with another Emerald game, Battle Frontier records will be copied over from the other game and compared.


A level 40 Sudowoodo is located in the southeast section of the Battle Frontier. Much like in Generation II, NPCs will talk about it as a tree. However, when the player uses the Wailmer Pail on it, it will spring to life. This is the only location of Sudowoodo in the handheld games of Generation III.

Move Tutors

In a house next to the Battle Dome, there are two move tutors. They will teach a Pokémon a selection of attacks for a price in Battle Points.

Betting Man

In the house south of the Battle Pyramid a man can be visited. After receiving at least 3 silver symbols, he will ask the player to compete in a random facility. The player can give him 5,10 or 15 battle points. If the player wins the man will give him back twice the amount the player gave him. If the player loses the battle points are lost.

List of Move Tutor Moves

Right Tutor
Defense Curl16 B.P.
Snore24 B.P.
Mud Slap24 B.P.
Swift24 B.P.
Icy Wind24 B.P.
Endure48 B.P.
Psych Up48 B.P.
Ice Punch48 B.P.
Thunder Punch48 B.P.
Fire Punch48 B.P.
Left Tutor
Softboiled16 B.P.
Seismic Toss24 B.P.
Dream Eater24 B.P.
Mega Punch24 B.P.
Mega Kick24 B.P.
Body Slam48 B.P.
Rock Slide48 B.P.
Counter48 B.P.
Thunder Wave48 B.P.
Swords Dance48 B.P.

Battle Frontier Shop

The Battle Frontier Shop sells various goods in exchange for Battle Points earned at other parts of the Battle Frontier. Players can purchase goods for their secret base, items for raising the statistics of their Pokémon, and items that can be held by a Pokémon.

List of Items

Far Left Kiosk
Kiss Poster16 B.P.
Kiss Cushion32 B.P.
Smoochum Doll32 B.P.
Togepi Doll48 B.P.
Meowth Doll48 B.P.
Clefairy Doll48 B.P.
Ditto Doll48 B.P.
Cyndaquil Doll80 B.P.
Chikorita Doll80 B.P.
Totodile Doll80 B.P.
Left Kiosk
Lapras Doll128 B.P.
Snorlax Doll128 B.P.
Venusaur Doll256 B.P.
Charizard Doll256 B.P.
Blastoise Doll256 B.P.
Right Kiosk
Protein1 B.P.
Calcium1 B.P
Iron1 B.P.
Zinc1 B.P.
Carbos1 B.P.
HP Up1 B.P.
Far Right Kiosk
Leftovers48 B.P.
White Herb48 B.P.
Quick Claw48 B.P.
Mental Herb48 B.P.
Brightpowder64 B.P.
Choice Band64 B.P.
King's Rock64 B.P.
Focus Band64 B.P.
Scope Lens64 B.P.

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