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Battle Club
バトルクラブ Battle Club
Pokemon Battle Club.png
Accumula Battle Club
Region Unova
Debut The Battle Club and Tepig's Choice!

Battle Clubs (Japanese: バトルクラブ Battle Club) are anime-exclusive locations in the Unova region owned by Don Georges.

Inside they have many features. There are computers that show Trainers information about other Trainers and their Pokémon, these are able to be used to access Xtransceivers and to ask the Trainer for a battle. The main part is a battleground where Trainers come to battle and learn tips from the battle master, Don George. At the back of the facility, there is a storage room with security cameras and alarms.

Ash and Iris arrived in the Battle Club in Accumula Town in The Battle Club and Tepig's Choice!. They witness a battle between one Trainer's Servine and another's Dewott. Ash battles the Trainer's Dewott with his Pikachu but the battle is called off after Team Rocket sets off the alarms while trying to steal food. With a mysterious Pokémon around, Ash and Iris help look for it, and decide to lure it with food. Ash discovers it is a Tepig and nurses it back to health. Later Team Rocket appears and tries to steal Pikachu, but with Tepig's help, Ash foils their plans. Ash then captures Tepig.

Another Battle Club located in Luxuria Town appeared in A Rival Battle for Club Champ! where Ash had a battle with Trip. Trip wanted to have a Full Battle, but Ash only had 5 Pokémon at the time, so Trip agreed to a 5-on-5 match. Ash was able to knock out Trip's Tranquill and Servine, but ultimately lost the battle.

There's also a Battle Club in Nacrene City which appeared in The Battle According to Lenora! and Rematch at the Nacrene Gym!. It was shown to have Gymnasium and a swimming pool where Trainers can train their Pokémon on various equipment such as running machines with obstacles, dumbbells and a swimming pool with waves. Ash went there to train his Oshawott and Tepig for their rematch against Lenora, and they worked hard to learn Aqua Jet and Flame Charge, respectively.

In Evolution by Fire! the Battle Club in Astilbe Town appeared. When Ash, Iris and Cilan came to visit this Battle Club, they witnessed a battle between Shamus and Kylan, which was easily won by Shamus. Later it was revealed that Shamus was the original Trainer of Ash's Tepig. Shamus wanted to prove that Tepig was useless and challenged Ash to a battle, which took place in the Battle Club. Ash used his Tepig and Snivy, while Shamus used Emboar and Heatmor. Tepig evolved into Pignite in the battle and defeated both of Shamus's Pokémon.

Different kinds of Battle Clubs are located in Nimbasa Town and Ambiga Town. These Battle Clubs are designed as stadiums and once in a while tournaments are held here: The Club Battle in Nimbasa Town and the Clubsplosion in Ambiga Town.

List of Battle Clubs

Picture Location
Pokemon Battle Club.png Accumula Town
Luxuria Town Battle Club.png Luxuria Town
Nacrene Battle Club.png Nacrene City
Nimbasa Battle Club.png Nimbasa Town
Ambiga Town.png Ambiga Town
Astilbe Town.png Astilbe Town


In other languages

Language Title
Mandarin Chinese 對戰俱樂部 Duìzhàn Jùlèbù​
The Netherlands Flag.png Dutch Vechtclub
Finland Flag.png Finnish Ottelukerho
Germany Flag.png German Pokémon-Kampfklub
Poland Flag.png Polish Klub Bitew
Portuguese Brazil Flag.png Brazil Clube de Batalha
Portugal Flag.png Portugal Clube de Combate
Spanish CELAC Flag.png Latin America Club de Batalla
Spain Flag.png Spain Club de Combate
Sweden Flag.png Swedish Stridsklubben

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