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Battle CDs are items found in Pokémon XD: Gale of Darkness. They allow trainers to access simulated Pokémon battles that test their knowledge of advanced battle strategy. Completing a certain Battle CD awards the player with a Sacred Ash This is the only way to get the Sacred Ash in any on the Generation III games without going to an event.

Pokémon in each CD

CDs 1-10

CD Player's Pokémon Opponent's Pokémon Special rules
1 Pidgeot Tropius Opponent must be defeated in two turns or less.
2 Wartortle Drowzee None
3 Quagsire and Ludicolo Vileplume and Skarmory Opponent must be defeated in thirteen turns or less.

CDs 11-20

CDs 21-30

CDs 31-40

CDs 41-50