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Baseball is a popular sport in the Pokémon world. It is usually represented through episodes of the Pokémon anime that feature Casey, a big fan of baseball.

Three episodes have featured baseball as a major theme:

  • The introduction of Casey in The Double Trouble Header contained many baseball references. Aside from the title itself, Team Rocket had a baseball-themed motto and the final confrontation took place on a baseball field.
  • In A Date with Delcatty, Georgio wanted to go on a date with Misty to the Starmie-Electabuzz game.
  • Casey managed to help her team in Those Darn Electabuzz! by helping their star pitcher to regain his confidence.

Other episodes with Casey have had a more minor mention of baseball, usually through her singing the Electabuzz song.


To include the spirit of Pokémon, the teams are all named after a particular species:

In the games

In Pokémon Black and White, in Castelia City's Big Stadium there is the Infielder Trainer class, who are baseball players.


  • The inclusion of baseball in Pokémon, where the focus is on Pokémon battles, is likely due to its high popularity in Japan. During the baseball season, it is common for there to be weeks where no new episode of Pokémon airs due to TV Tokyo choosing to broadcast the game instead.
  • Brock used baseball as a theme when he made an appeal with his Bonsly in the contest in What I Did for Love. He pitched baseballs to Bonsly, who caught and juggled them.