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| 1 || Alakazam || [[Image:Psychic-attack.png]] || [[Image: rare_rare.gif]]!H
| 1 || Alakazam || [[Image:Psychic-attack.png]] || [[Image: rare_rare.gif]]'H'
| 2 || Blastoise || [[Image:water-attack.png]] || [[Image: rare_rare.gif]]==H==
| 2 || Blastoise || [[Image:water-attack.png]] || [[Image: rare_rare.gif]]==H==

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Base Set (in Japanese simply referred to as: Pocket Monsters Trading Card Game) is the name given to the original core release of cards and Theme Decks for the Pokémon Trading Card Game.

Set Size

  • Both the English and Japanese sets contain 102 cards (the only set so far with the same number in each country)

It is notable that there is no expansion symbol on Base Set cards.


  • 1st English release
  • 1st Japanese release

Release Dates

  • Spring 1997 - Japanese Set
  • 9th January 1999 - American Set


  • Although the set was officially released in America on 9th January 1999, it was perceived as rather childish and many card shops were reluctant to stock the Pokémon TCG initially. As a result, many card shops didn't release it until March or April.
  • The first edition print run sold extremely quickly, making the Base Set first edition cards some of the most sought after of the early TCG expansions.
  • The Japanese were rather unconventional when it came to ordering the card sets in early expansions, as well as their promotional cards. It wasn’t until the American and European system came into full fruition that the Japanese style switched to a more legible format. In the Card List (below), numbers have been replaced by "--" to represent it.
  • This set has been out of print in the for quite some time, replaced by Template:C

Theme decks

Card List

English Expansion

Japanese Expansion

No. Card Name Type Rarity
1 Alakazam Psychic-attack.png File:Rare rare.gif'H'
2 Blastoise Water-attack.png File:Rare rare.gif==H==
3 Chansey Colorless-attack.png File:Rare rare.gif==H==
4 Charizard Fire-attack.png File:Rare rare.gif==H==
5 Clefairy Colorless-attack.png File:Rare rare.gif==H==
6 Gyarados Water-attack.png File:Rare rare.gif==H==
7 Hitmonchan Fighting-attack.png File:Rare rare.gif==H==
8 Machamp Fighting-attack.png File:Rare rare.gif==H==
9 Magneton Lightning-attack.png File:Rare rare.gif==H==
10 Mewtwo Psychic-attack.png File:Rare rare.gif==H==
11 Nidoking Grass-attack.png File:Rare rare.gif==H==
12 Ninetales Fire-attack.png File:Rare rare.gif==H==
13 Poliwrath Water-attack.png File:Rare rare.gif==H==
14 Raichu Lightning-attack.png File:Rare rare.gif==H==
15 Venusaur Grass-attack.png File:Rare rare.gif==H==
16 Zapdos Lightning-attack.png File:Rare rare.gif==H==
17 Beedrill Grass-attack.png File:Rare rare.gif
18 Dragonair Colorless-attack.png File:Rare rare.gif
19 Dugtrio Fighting-attack.png File:Rare rare.gif
20 Electabuzz Lightning-attack.png File:Rare rare.gif
21 Electrode Lightning-attack.png File:Rare rare.gif
22 Pidgeotto Colorless-attack.png File:Rare rare.gif
23 Arcanine Fire-attack.png File:Rare uncom.gif
24 Charmeleon Fire-attack.png File:Rare uncom.gif
25 Dewgong Water-attack.png File:Rare uncom.gif
26 Dratini Colorless-attack.png File:Rare uncom.gif
27 Farfetch'd Colorless-attack.png File:Rare uncom.gif
28 Growlithe Fire-attack.png File:Rare uncom.gif
29 Haunter Psychic-attack.png File:Rare uncom.gif
30 Ivysaur Grass-attack.png File:Rare uncom.gif
31 Jynx Psychic-attack.png File:Rare uncom.gif
32 Kadabra Psychic-attack.png File:Rare uncom.gif
33 Kakuna Grass-attack.png File:Rare uncom.gif
34 Machoke Fighting-attack.png File:Rare uncom.gif
35 Magikarp Water-attack.png File:Rare uncom.gif
36 Magmar Fire-attack.png File:Rare uncom.gif
37 Nidorino Grass-attack.png File:Rare uncom.gif
38 Poliwhirl Water-attack.png File:Rare uncom.gif
39 Porygon Colorless-attack.png File:Rare uncom.gif
40 Raticate Colorless-attack.png File:Rare uncom.gif
41 Seel Water-attack.png File:Rare uncom.gif
42 Wartortle Water-attack.png File:Rare uncom.gif
43 Abra Psychic-attack.png File:Rare com.gif
44 Bulbasaur Grass-attack.png File:Rare com.gif
45 Caterpie Grass-attack.png File:Rare com.gif
46 Charmander Fire-attack.png File:Rare com.gif
47 Diglett Fighting-attack.png File:Rare com.gif
48 Duduo Colorless-attack.png File:Rare com.gif
49 Drowzee Psychic-attack.png File:Rare com.gif
50 Gastly Psychic-attack.png File:Rare com.gif
51 Koffing Grass-attack.png File:Rare com.gif
52 Machop Fighting-attack.png File:Rare com.gif
53 Magnemite Lightning-attack.png File:Rare com.gif
54 Metapod Grass-attack.png File:Rare com.gif
55 Nidoran ♂ Grass-attack.png File:Rare com.gif
56 Onix Fighting-attack.png File:Rare com.gif
57 Pidgey Colorless-attack.png File:Rare com.gif
58 Pikachu Lightning-attack.png File:Rare com.gif
59 Poliwag Water-attack.png File:Rare com.gif
60 Ponyta Fire-attack.png File:Rare com.gif
61 Rattata Colorless-attack.png File:Rare com.gif
62 Sandshrew File:Fightning-attack.png File:Rare com.gif
63 Squirtle Water-attack.png File:Rare com.gif
64 Starmie Water-attack.png File:Rare com.gif
65 Staryu Water-attack.png File:Rare com.gif
66 Tangela Grass-attack.png File:Rare com.gif
67 Voltorb Lightning-attack.png File:Rare com.gif
68 Vulpix Fire-attack.png File:Rare com.gif
69 Weedle Grass-attack.png File:Rare com.gif
70 Clefairy Doll ==T== File:Rare rare.gif
71 Computer Search ==T== File:Rare rare.gif
72 Devolution Spray ==T== File:Rare rare.gif
73 Impostor Professor Oak ==T== File:Rare rare.gif
74 Item Finder ==T== File:Rare rare.gif
75 Lass ==T== File:Rare rare.gif
76 Pokémon Breeder ==T== File:Rare rare.gif
77 Pokémon Trader ==T== File:Rare rare.gif
78 Scoop Up ==T== File:Rare rare.gif
79 Super Energy Removal ==T== File:Rare rare.gif
80 Defender ==T== File:Rare uncom.gif
81 Energy Retrieval ==T== File:Rare uncom.gif
82 Full Heal ==T== File:Rare uncom.gif
83 Maintenance ==T== File:Rare uncom.gif
84 PlusPower ==T== File:Rare uncom.gif
85 Pokémon Center ==T== File:Rare uncom.gif
86 Pokémon Flute ==T== File:Rare uncom.gif
87 Pokédex ==T== File:Rare uncom.gif
88 Professor Oak ==T== File:Rare uncom.gif
89 Revive ==T== File:Rare uncom.gif
90 Super Potion ==T== File:Rare uncom.gif
91 Bill ==T== File:Rare com.gif
92 Energy Removal ==T== File:Rare com.gif
93 Gust of Wind ==T== File:Rare com.gif
94 Potion ==T== File:Rare com.gif
95 Switch ==T== File:Rare com.gif
96 Double Colorless Energy ==E== File:Rare uncom.gif
97 Fighting Energy ==E== --
98 Fire Energy ==E== --
99 Grass Energy ==E== --
100 Lightning Energy ==E== --
101 Psychic Energy ==E== --
102 Water Energy ==E== --
No. Card Name Type Rarity
-- Alakazam Psychic-attack.png File:Rare rare.gif==H==
-- Blastoise Water-attack.png File:Rare rare.gif==H==
-- Chansey Colorless-attack.png File:Rare rare.gif==H==
-- Charizard Fire-attack.png File:Rare rare.gif==H==
-- Clefairy Colorless-attack.png File:Rare rare.gif==H==
-- Gyarados Water-attack.png File:Rare rare.gif==H==
-- Hitmonchan Fighting-attack.png File:Rare rare.gif==H==
-- Machamp Fighting-attack.png File:Rare rare.gif==H==
-- Magneton Lightning-attack.png File:Rare rare.gif==H==
-- Mewtwo Psychic-attack.png File:Rare rare.gif==H==
-- Nidoking Grass-attack.png File:Rare rare.gif==H==
-- Ninetales Fire-attack.png File:Rare rare.gif==H==
-- Poliwrath Water-attack.png File:Rare rare.gif==H==
-- Raichu Lightning-attack.png File:Rare rare.gif==H==
-- Venusaur Grass-attack.png File:Rare rare.gif==H==
-- Zapdos Lightning-attack.png File:Rare rare.gif==H==
-- Beedrill Grass-attack.png File:Rare rare.gif
-- Dragonair Colorless-attack.png File:Rare rare.gif
-- Dugtrio Fighting-attack.png File:Rare rare.gif
-- Electabuzz Lightning-attack.png File:Rare rare.gif
-- Electrode Lightning-attack.png File:Rare rare.gif
-- Pidgeotto Colorless-attack.png File:Rare rare.gif
-- Arcanine Fire-attack.png File:Rare uncom.gif
-- Charmeleon Fire-attack.png File:Rare uncom.gif
-- Dewgong Water-attack.png File:Rare uncom.gif
-- Dratini Colorless-attack.png File:Rare uncom.gif
-- Farfetch'd Colorless-attack.png File:Rare uncom.gif
-- Growlithe Fire-attack.png File:Rare uncom.gif
-- Haunter Psychic-attack.png File:Rare uncom.gif
-- Ivysaur Grass-attack.png File:Rare uncom.gif
-- Jynx Psychic-attack.png File:Rare uncom.gif
-- Kadabra Psychic-attack.png File:Rare uncom.gif
-- Kakuna Grass-attack.png File:Rare uncom.gif
-- Machoke Fighting-attack.png File:Rare uncom.gif
-- Magikarp Water-attack.png File:Rare uncom.gif
-- Magmar Fire-attack.png File:Rare uncom.gif
-- Nidorino Grass-attack.png File:Rare uncom.gif
-- Poliwhirl Water-attack.png File:Rare uncom.gif
-- Porygon Colorless-attack.png File:Rare uncom.gif
-- Raticate Colorless-attack.png File:Rare uncom.gif
-- Seel Water-attack.png File:Rare uncom.gif
-- Wartortle Water-attack.png File:Rare uncom.gif
-- Abra Psychic-attack.png File:Rare com.gif
-- Bulbasaur Grass-attack.png File:Rare com.gif
-- Caterpie Grass-attack.png File:Rare com.gif
-- Charmander Fire-attack.png File:Rare com.gif
-- Diglett Fighting-attack.png File:Rare com.gif
-- Duduo Colorless-attack.png File:Rare com.gif
-- Drowzee Psychic-attack.png File:Rare com.gif
-- Gastly Psychic-attack.png File:Rare com.gif
-- Koffing Grass-attack.png File:Rare com.gif
-- Machop Fighting-attack.png File:Rare com.gif
-- Magnemite Lightning-attack.png File:Rare com.gif
-- Metapod Grass-attack.png File:Rare com.gif
-- Nidoran ♂ Grass-attack.png File:Rare com.gif
-- Onix Fighting-attack.png File:Rare com.gif
-- Pidgey Colorless-attack.png File:Rare com.gif
-- Pikachu Lightning-attack.png File:Rare com.gif
-- Poliwag Water-attack.png File:Rare com.gif
-- Ponyta Fire-attack.png File:Rare com.gif
-- Rattata Colorless-attack.png File:Rare com.gif
-- Sandshrew File:Fightning-attack.png File:Rare com.gif
-- Squirtle Water-attack.png File:Rare com.gif
-- Starmie Water-attack.png File:Rare com.gif
-- Staryu Water-attack.png File:Rare com.gif
-- Tangela Grass-attack.png File:Rare com.gif
-- Voltorb Lightning-attack.png File:Rare com.gif
-- Vulpix Fire-attack.png File:Rare com.gif
-- Weedle Grass-attack.png File:Rare com.gif
-- Clefairy Doll ==T== File:Rare rare.gif
-- Computer Search ==T== File:Rare rare.gif
-- Devolution Spray ==T== File:Rare rare.gif
-- Impostor Professor Oak ==T== File:Rare rare.gif
-- Item Finder ==T== File:Rare rare.gif
-- Lass ==T== File:Rare rare.gif
-- Pokémon Breeder ==T== File:Rare rare.gif
-- Pokémon Trader ==T== File:Rare rare.gif
-- Scoop Up ==T== File:Rare rare.gif
-- Super Energy Removal ==T== File:Rare rare.gif
-- Defender ==T== File:Rare uncom.gif
-- Energy Retrieval ==T== File:Rare uncom.gif
-- Full Heal ==T== File:Rare uncom.gif
-- Maintenance ==T== File:Rare uncom.gif
-- PlusPower ==T== File:Rare uncom.gif
-- Pokémon Center ==T== File:Rare uncom.gif
-- Pokémon Flute ==T== File:Rare uncom.gif
-- Pokédex ==T== File:Rare uncom.gif
-- Professor Oak ==T== File:Rare uncom.gif
-- Revive ==T== File:Rare uncom.gif
-- Super Potion ==T== File:Rare uncom.gif
-- Bill ==T== File:Rare com.gif
-- Energy Removal ==T== File:Rare com.gif
-- Gust of Wind ==T== File:Rare com.gif
-- Potion ==T== File:Rare com.gif
-- Switch ==T== File:Rare com.gif
-- Double Colorless Energy ==E== File:Rare uncom.gif
-- Fighting Energy ==E== --
-- Fire Energy ==E== --
-- Grass Energy ==E== --
-- Lightning Energy ==E== --
-- Psychic Energy ==E== --
-- Water Energy ==E== --