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* [[Full Heal (Base Set 82)]]
* [[Full Heal (Base Set 82)]]
* [[Maintenance (Base Set 83)]]
* [[Maintenance (Base Set 83)]]
* [[Plus Power (Base Set 84)]]
* [[PlusPower (Base Set 84)]]
* [[Pokémon Center (Base Set 85)]]
* [[Pokémon Center (Base Set 85)]]
* [[Pokémon Flute (Base Set 86)]]
* [[Pokémon Flute (Base Set 86)]]

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Base Set (Japanese: ?) is the name given to the original core release of cards and Theme Decks for the Pokémon Trading Card Game. It is notable that there is no expansion symbol on Base Set cards.

Set size

102 in North America and in Japan


1st set in North America, 1st set in Japan

Release date

January 9th, 1999 in North America; ??? in Japan The Pokémon TCG's first release in the US came as something of a whimper... because of it's "kiddy" qualities, many card shops were reluctant to buy it. As a result, many card shops didn't release it until March or April. Of course, once they were released, they wondered how they did without.


  • It was the first Pokémon TCG card set. That's quite interesting.
  • This set has been out of print in the US for quite some time, replaced by Template:C

=Symbol= There is no symbol for Base Set.

Theme Decks

Overgrowth, Zap, Brushfire, and Blackout

Card List

North America