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ジュン Jun
Platinum Barry.png
Art from Platinum
Gender Male
Hometown Twinleaf Town
Region Sinnoh
Relatives Palmer (father), unnamed mother
Trainer class Trainer, Rival
Generation IV
Games Diamond, Pearl, and Platinum
Anime counterpart Barry
Counterpart debut Barry's Busting Out All Over!
Manga counterpart(s) Pearl, Jun, Pearl

Barry (Japanese: ジュン Jun) is the rival character in Pokémon Diamond, Pearl, and Platinum.

The character Pearl from the Pokémon Adventures manga is based on Barry. A version of the character also appears in the Pokémon DP manga.

This particular rival also appears on the Rival card in the Diamond & Pearl and Secret Wonders expansions of the Pokémon Trading Card Game.

In the games


Pokémon Diamond and Pearl

Barry, like the player, lives in Twinleaf Town and is also the player's childhood friend (and soon-to-be rival). Barry is always in a hurry and extremely impatient, and because of this, often crashes into other people (usually demanding a fine from them) or misses important details.

Barry is incredibly determined and it is very difficult to discourage him; the only thing that has done this so far was his crushing loss to the Team Galactic Commander, Jupiter at Lake Acuity, although this defeat lead to a major positive change in Barry's character, causing him to become slightly more serious, realistic, and mature. He is also quite the braggart, often boasting about his battling prowess or how cool his Pokémon are. Barry does have a soft side however, as seen after the wild Starly attack.

Barry is also one to take risks and quickly jump into action; it was this behavior that caused the player and himself to be attacked by wild Starly, setting off the chain reaction that would result in the player receiving his/her first Pokémon.

After becoming the Sinnoh League Champion, the player can find him training at Stark Mountain during the week, and at the Fight Area on weekends in Diamond and Pearl, ready to battle. He desires to get into the Battleground, even asking Crasher Wake's help. Unlike the player and Lucas/Dawn, Barry did not receive a Pokédex, due to him rushing out of Professor Rowan's lab before Rowan could give him one.

His father is Palmer, one of the Sinnoh Battle Frontier's five Frontier Brains. Barry wants to be like him, which is the reason he is so determined and trains hard. Barry is actually very much like his father characteristic-wise. Both he and Palmer are constantly in a hurry, running into people (including the player), and both seem to react the same way when they happen to run into people.

Pokémon Platinum

In addition to his hyperactive personality, it is shown in the beginning of Platinum, he also gets distracted very easily. In the events of Platinum, Barry suggests going to visit Professor Rowan at his lab rather than go to the lake in search of a Pokémon of the same rarity as a red Gyarados (as happened in Diamond and Pearl). When Professor Rowan questions Lucas/Dawn and Barry on Route 201 about going into the tall grass without any Pokémon, deeming it reckless and wondering if such people were well-suited for Pokémon, Barry admits it was his idea and says that his friend should at least get a Pokémon if not him. After this, Professor Rowan gives them both Pokémon, much to Barry's excitement.

After the player becomes the Sinnoh League Champion, Barry can be found at the Survival Area every day, but can only be battled on weekends.

In Pokémon Diamond and Pearl


For Barry's Pokémon in Diamond and Pearl Versions, see here.

In Pokémon Platinum


For Barry's Pokémon in Pokémon Platinum, see here.


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At Twinleaf Town
  • In front of his house:

"Thud!! What was that about?! Oh, hey, <player>! Hey! I'm going to the lake! You come too! And be quick about it! OK, <player>? I'm fining you PokémonDollar.png1 million if you're late! Oh, jeez! Forgot something!"

  • In his room:

"...I'd better take my Bag and Journal, too... Oh, hey, <player>! We're going to the lake! I'll be waiting for on the road! It's a PokémonDollar.png10 million fine if you're late!"

Route 201

"Hey, you saw that news report that was on TV, right? You know, "Search for the Red Gyarados! The mysterious appearance of the furious Pokémon in a lake!" That show got me to thinking. I'll bet our local lake has a Pokémon like that in it, too! So, that's what we're gonna do. We'll go find a Pokémon like that!"

  • If the player attempts to walk into the tall grass:

"Remember what your mother said? Mom: "<player>! Don't go into the tall grass!" "Remember, wild Pokémon may attack you if you're walking in tall grass." "It would be OK if you had your own Pokémon, but...""

  • After the events at Lake Verity:

"Hey, it's those people! Is that old guy staring at us?"

"What was all that craziness about? I mean, if he was angry, he could've just yelled at us, or whatever... And didn't he want their Pokémon back...? <player>... We should go home, too...

Verity Lakefront
  • Before the events at Lake Verity

"All right! To the lake! Let's find us a red Gyarados!

  • After the events at Lake Verity:

"..You go ahead ...I know we have to go return these Pokémon. They're not ours. But I want to spend just a little more time with this little guy..."

  • If spoken to:

"I wish I could grow tougher with this little guy..."

"I don't feel like talking... Let's go. ...Are we maybe walking slower than when we went to the lake?"

  • If the player attempts to enter Lake Verity:

"Hey, hey! Where do you think you're going? We have to go return these Pokémon..."

Lake Verity

"What's going on...?"

"What was that about? Those two... Huh? <player>! Let's go check this out! ... ... What's that? Don't go into the tall grass? No problem, no problem! We won't be in there long enough for a wild Pokémon to come out."

"It's... A briefcase? Those people forgot it here. What are we supposed to do with it? We can try to deliver it, but who are they? I heard them say professor..."

"Waaah! Po-Pokémon?! What's going on?!"

  • When selecting a Pokémon:

"Look! These are Poké Balls! Let's battle using these! Eh...? Which one do you want then?"

  • After the battle:

"Fwaaah! Your Turtwig/Chimchar/Piplup totally rocked! But my Chimchar/Piplup/Turtwig was way tougher than yours! ...They were other people's Pokémon, though... But we had to use them... They won't mind, will they?"

"What was that about? I don't know what's going on. <player>, let's get out of here. My Pokémon got hurt from that battle. If we get attacked by another Pokémon, we might be in trouble."

Sandgem Town
"Thud!! What the... Oh, it's you, <player>! That old guy... He's not scary so much as he is totally out there! Aww, it doesn't matter, <player>. I'm out of here. See you later!"
Trainer's School, Jubilife City
"Hey <player>! Did you come to study, too? I went ahead and memorized everything that was up on the blackboard. After all, it's the Trainer's job to avoid having their precious Pokémon hurt in battle, right? So, <player>, what brings you here? Huh? You've got something for me?"
  • After delivering the Parcel
"So what is this...? Score! It's a Town Map! Huh?! Why are there two in here? I like it a lot, but I don't need two. Here, <player>, you take one!"
  • After receiving the Town Map
"Hmm... Well, according to the Town Map, I guess Oreburgh City is where I should be going next. There's a Gym, so it'd be perfect for raising the Pokémon I just caught. Well, I'm on the road to becoming the greatest Trainer of all time! See you around!"
Route 203
"Hey! <player>! Tell me you got a little tougher! Me? Do you even need to ask? Of course I got tougher! Come on! Let's battle it out!"
  • After his first Pokémon is damaged
"Don't get cocky, kid! This isn't over yet!"
  • When his last Pokémon is at low health
"My Pokémon's HP is low... This could be a close fight."
  • Upon defeat
"What just happened? I lost?!"
  • After battle
"Waah! What do you mean I lost?! Well, that's it! That's the last time I'll ever lose! I'm going to be the world's toughest Trainer, and you know it! The first thing to do is take on the Oreburgh City Pokémon Gym! I'm gonna toughen up for that, totally!"
Oreburgh City
"Hunh? Oh, it's you, <player>! You finally got here? You're slow like always. But, anyway, the Gym Leader's tough! Like, seriously serious! If the Gym Leader's this tough, I wonder how he compares to my dad... Huh? I just drifted there. Anyway, the Gym Leader's gone off to the coal mine. If you want to take on the Gym Leader, you'd better go off to the mine!"
"I told you, the Gym Leader went down to the Oreburgh Mine. If you want to take the Gym challenge, you have to go down to the mine."
"Thud!! Whoops! <player>! You got the Gym Badge, huh? Eterna City is the next place with a Gym that gives away Badges, right? So, yeah, I went to Route 207, but you can't go there without a Bicycle. I made my team battle and toughened them up, so it wasn't a waste. So, I'm going back to Jubilife City. Next stop, the Eterna Gym Badge! Ten seconds before I dash! Nine... Bah! Who's got time to count?!"
Eterna City
"Thud!! Hey there, <player>! You came to see the Pokémon statue, right? I'll take you there! What the..."
"Oh, hey! When we smacked together, a brilliant flash of inspiration came to me! An easy way to become a great Trainer! Yeah, that! All right. Listen close... Make certain all your attacks hit! Avoid enemy attacks for sure! You do that, you'd never lose! You'd be the invincible Trainer! Anyway, go check out the Pokémon statue. See you around!"
Hearthome City
  • Before battle
"Ta-daah! Kept me waiting again, <player name>! Let's see how much tougher you and I have gotten, right here and now! Hey, you're a trainer now. You're expected to be ready for a battle. No whining! No waiting! Let's get the show started!"
  • Upon defeat
"What just happened!? You're telling me I really lost!?"
  • After battle
"Waaah! It goes to show my surefire winning strategy doesn't work. Say, hey, <player name>. Remember what I told you before? Make sure all your attacks hit! Avoid every enemy attack! I thought that was a wicked strategy, but it doesn't work worth beans. I guess I have to grind it out and toughen up the team a bit at a time. Anyway! I'm off to Solaceon Town! See ya, <player name>! You'll be shocked by my growth the next time we meet!"
Pastoria City
Canalave City
  • Before battle
"Whoops! Hey, <player>!"
"You're going to challenge the Gym Leader up past here, eh?"
"Someone should check to see if you're ready for this challenge!"
"That someone is me! With my brand-new Gym Badge!"
  • After battle
"Yeah, yeah, you're just a bit better than me, as usual."
"But listen up!"
"Let me tell you who's going to take on the Pokémon League and become the champion."
"You guessed right! It's going to be me!"
"Anyways, you should be able to take the Gym Leader here."
"Hurry up and go make the challenge!"
  • After player beats Leader Byron
"Hey! That's the Mine Badge! Good going!"
"You're tough enough to consder becoming the Pokémon Champ."
"Of course, I'm tougher, so it's not going to actually happen."
"Anyways, <player>, come with me to the library."
"Hey, <player>! Over here! This way!"
"OK, gramps! I brought <player> like I said!"
"Alright, I'll be outta here!"
"...OK... I get it..."
"What are you saying? I didn't get no Pokédex!"
"Uh, sure, Gramps, you know how to call it! You can tell I'm the hotness!"
  • Outside Canalave Library, after explosion in Lake Valor
"I'm going to the lake! I have a bad feeling about this!"
Lake Acuity
Spear Pillar, Mt. Coronet
(Bursts in, stands between player and Jupiter/Mars)
"Hold on one second!
Don't you start the party without me!"
  • After beating Mars and Jupiter
"...Heh. My Pokémon are tough, right? I can get even tougher!
...But, you know, that's it for us. We've hit the wall...
<player>, I'll help you with this!"
(Fully heals player's Pokémon)
"Hey, <player>! This is it! It's your show now!"
(Bolts off)
Pokémon League
Survival Area
  • Before battle
"Hey, <player>! You aren't the only one getting tougher! I'll prove it to you! Let's go!"
  • Last Pokémon at low health
"Oh yeah? When the going gets tough, my Pokémon get tougher!"
  • When defeated
"What just went down?! You told me I've just lost again?!"
  • After being defeated
"...! It's alright, though. Keep getting tougher <player>. The more you do, the tougher my Pokémon and I get too. There's no end to Pokémon. That's what I'm saying, <player>!"


Diamond Pearl Barry.png
Official artwork from
Diamond and Pearl


Spr DP Barry.png File:Pearl back.png Spr Pt Barry.png Pt Barry Back.png Barry OD.png Barry DP opening.png
Sprite from
Diamond and Pearl
Back sprite from
Diamond and Pearl
Sprite from
Back sprite from
Overworld sprite from
Generation IV
Sprite from the
Diamond and Pearl opening

Optional names

Game Japanese English French German Italian Spanish Korean
Diamond パール Pearl *
ジュン Jun
シゲル Shigeru
コウジ Kōji
トシノブ Toshinobu
Pearl *
용식 Yongsik
바람 Baram
효지 Hyoji
재준 Jaejun
Pearl ダイヤ Dia *
ヒサシ Hisashi
ソウスケ Sōsuke
アキト Akito
ノゾム Nozomu
Diamond *
무현 Muhyeon
조연 Joyeon
조인 Join
정무 Jeongmu
Platinum ダイヤ Dia *
パール Pearl *
ジュン Jun
テツジ Tetsuji
ヒロノブ Hironobu
ヨシノリ Yoshinori
Diamond *
Pearl *
용식 Yongsik
바람 Baram
효지 Hyoji
재준 Jaejun

  • If the player chooses "NEW NAME" and just leave it blank, he will be automatically named Pearl (if the version being played is Diamond) or Diamond (if the version being played is Pearl). In Platinum, either Diamond or Pearl will be randomly selected.

In the anime

Barry in the anime.
Main article: Barry (anime)

In the anime, there is a character based on Barry, sharing both his name and his characteristics. He debuts in Barry's Busting Out All Over! and ends up as one of Ash's rivals.

Manga counterparts

Barry has had counterparts appear in several Pokémon manga.

In the TCG

This listing is of cards mentioning or featuring Barry or his Pokémon in the Pokémon Trading Card Game.

Related cards
Cards listed with a blue background are only legal to use in the current Expanded format.
Cards listed with a silver background are legal to use in both the current Standard and Expanded formats.
Card Type English
Rarity # Japanese
Rarity #
Rival Su Diamond & Pearl Uncommon 113/130 Space-Time Creation Uncommon  
Secret Wonders Uncommon 124/132 Dialga LV.X Constructed Standard Deck    
      Palkia LV.X Constructed Standard Deck    


  • Barry has achieved a high score of 2000 at Pal Park, which serves as the default high score.
  • Among the default names for him in the Japanese version of Pokémon Diamond is Shigeru, one of the names that are default in both Pokémon Red and Pokémon FireRed for Blue. "Gary" is also one of the optional names for him in the German and Italian-language versions of Pokémon Diamond. Gary's Korean Name, 바람 Baram can also be found among optional names for him in Korean-language version.
  • All Japanese default names for Barry come from game staff members' first names. They are all listed in the game's credits. Jun is from Junichi Masuda, production director and music composer. Shigeru is from Shigeru Ōmori, game design leader. Kōji comes from Kōji Nishino, a game designer. Toshinobu is from Toshinobu Matsumiya, game scenario author. Hisashi is from Hisashi Sogabe, battle system programmer. Sōsuke is from Sōsuke Tamada, field system programmer. Akito is from Akito Mori, communication system programmer and Nozomu is from Nozomu Saito, also one of the programmers.
  • Although Barry can only be battled on weekends, if the player saves the game in front of him on a Sunday in Pokémon Diamond and Pearl, he can still be battled on weekdays if the player does not leave the Fight Area during the periods of time in between. This was corrected in Pokémon Platinum.
  • Barry has an orange Pokétch, but an old lady in Oreburgh City states that blue and pink are the only colors that are produced by The Pokétch Company.
  • Unlike rivals for the Generation II and III games, who have had only cameo appearances at best, Barry has a major anime counterpart, an honor held by no game rival since Blue.
  • In Pokémon Platinum, Barry's Heracross has the Ability Guts when fought in Canalave City but has Swarm in all subsequent battles.

Name origin

Barry is used as the official name for this character, since it is the most recurring optional name for him in the games (Diamond and Platinum). His default name however, is Diamond or Pearl depending on the version being played.

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