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ジュン Jun
Gender Male
Eye color Orange
Hair color Blonde
Hometown Twinleaf Town
Region Sinnoh
Trainer class Trainer
Game counterpart Pearl
Anime debut Barry's Busting Out All Over!
English voice actor Jamie McGonnigal
Japanese voice actor Tatsuhisa Suzuki

Barry (Japanese: ジュン Jun) is a recurring character in the Pokémon anime.

Barry made his debut appearance in Barry's Busting Out All Over!. He was shown to have a very hyperactive personality, much like his game counterpart. Barry admires Paul and his training methods, and wants to be a strong Trainer like him. He also has a slightly similar mentality as Paul's, as in capturing strong Pokémon for training. However, unlike Paul, he still cares for his Pokémon.

Dawn knew Barry back when they both lived in Twinleaf Town, however, Barry doesn't remember her. He only recognizes Ash, Brock, and Dawn due to the fact that they participated in the Sinnoh Double Battle Tournament with Paul. He then challenged Ash to a battle to prove his training methods wrong, but Ash came out the victor.

After Ash defeated him, Barry stayed to watch Ash challenge Fantina in A Shield with a Twist. At times, Barry was skeptical about Ash's strategy in the battle, but by the end of the fight, he realized that his techniques were excellent. He later stated that he would be his rival if Ash could defeat Byron, whom Barry had previously beaten.

After staying with the group for the following episode, he departed to train at Iron Island, but appeared again in DP110 and DP111 at Iron Island. He also appeared in DP122 where he wanted to enter the Pokémon Ping Pong Tournament, which he later loses in. It was also revealed that he was good friends with Dawn's rival, Kenny. He also appeared in DP123 watching Dawn and Kenny in a Contest held in Tatsunami Town and in DP124 were he finally entered the Ping Pong Tournament.


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Badges obtained

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  • Barry wears his game counterpart's clothes from Diamond and Pearl; however, his Pokétch is modeled after the one that appears in Platinum.
  • Much like Pearl, Barry has a habit of counting down until he "blasts off" then interrupting himself and running away. He also collided into Ash, much like his game counterpart does to the player repeatedly throughout the player's journey. Barry also shares Pearl's trait of threatening to fine someone an extraordinarily high number of money such as 10 million or 100 million.
  • Barry is the first anime character based on an in-game rival that has had more than a cameo since Gary Oak, whose starter, coincidentally, was also the Water-type choice of his region.
    • It is also seen that Brendan, in his cameo appearances, has the final form of the Template:Type2 starter from his region.
    • Also, like Gary, his name is taken, in both Japanese and English, from the first-listed default name for his game counterpart in the primary version. Their dub names also rhyme with one another, perhaps on purpose.
  • Barry and Ash share two of the same Pokémon: Staraptor and Heracross.
  • So far, all of Barry´s Pokemon are also owned by his game counterpart Pearl if the Player chooses Chimchar. The other two, that are in Pearl´s possession but not yet shown caught by Barry are Rapidash and Snorlax.
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