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Undubbed character This article is about a character featured in the Pokémon anime who has not yet debuted in the English language dub.
As such, their information may contain romanized Japanese names, rather than dub names.

ジュン Jun
Gender Male
Eye color Orange
Hair color Blond
Hometown Twinleaf Town
Region Sinnoh
Trainer class Trainer
Game counterpart Pearl
Anime debut 'DP101'
English voice actor N/A
Japanese voice actor Tatsuhisa Suzuki

(Japanese: ジュン Jun) is a character from the Pokémon anime and one of Ash Ketchum's rivals. He is voiced by 鈴木達央 Tasuhisa Suzuki in Japanese.

Jun first appeared in DP101, when he collided into Ash, much like his game counterpart does to the player repeatedly throughout the player's journey. Jun challenged Ash to a battle in that episode, in which Ash wins. Jun admires Paul and his training methods, and wants to be a strong trainer like Paul. However, like Ash, he still cares deeply for his Pokémon.

Jun was known by Dawn back when they both lived in Twinleaf Town, but Jun doesn't remember her. He only recognizes Ash, Brock and Dawn because they participated in the Sinnoh Double Battle Tournament with Paul, which irritated all three. He is quick to jump to conclusions, accusing Ash of stealing his badge case and incorrectly assuming that Ash's Chimchar was acquired in a trade. He is extremely impatient, often telling people to perform a task within ten seconds, and even interrupts Team Rocket's motto.


This listing is of Jun's known Pokémon:


Badges obtained

This is a list of the Badges Jun has obtained:


  • Jun wears his game counterpart's clothes from Diamond and Pearl, however, his Pokétch is modeled after the one that appears in Platinum. His bag also looks similar to Lucas's.
  • Jun's known team is based on Pearl's final team in Generation IV if the player chooses Chimchar at the start. As Ash has a Chimchar, this is fitting.
  • Much like Pearl, Jun has a habit of counting down until he "blasts off" then interrupting himself and running away.
  • Jun is the first anime character based on an in-game rival that has had more than a cameo since Gary Oak, whose starter, coincidentally, was also the Water-type choice.
    • It is also seen that Brendan, in his cameo appearances, has the Template:P2 of the Template:Type2 starter from his region.
    • May is also technically a rival in the games, although she is a main character in the anime instead of being a rival, leading to Brendan being considered as the rival.