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Bailey (Japanese: ヒカル Hikaru) is a character of the day in the Pokémon anime. She appeared in Flower Power. Her Japanese voice actress is 鈴木真仁 Masami Suzuki.

She trains Pokémon to dance and perform various acrobatic moves to put on shows, similar to a Pokémon Coordinator. Ash and co. met her at the Johto Pokémon Exhibition and she helped teach his Pikachu dance-like dodging moves. One of her Bellossom lacked the confidence to do a complex flip move until a fight with Team Rocket inspired her to finally execute it perfectly.


(レイ Rei)
(ハナ Hana)


  • Bailey is somewhat similar to Brittany in the fact that she had two of the same Pokémon that perfomed together. Also, both of their pairs of Pokémon have nicknames that are similar to their partners'. (Bailey owns two Bellossom named Belle and Bella. Brittany's Igglybuff are named Gigglybiff and Gigglybuff.)

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