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BW Agency

The BW Agency (Japanese: BWエージェンシー BW Agency) is a multi-media company that appears in the Black & White chapter of Pokémon Adventures.

It is a company with a large supply of Pokémon actors that can be used for commercials, plays, movies, and stunts. Dialogue suggests it is a very well-respected company. Although where it is based it unknown, it has done known business in Accumula Town, Nacrene City, and Nimbasa City. Currently, the Agency is closed due to White taking time off to take place in the Battle Subway.


The BW Agency made its first appearance when shooting a Xtransceiver advert with a bunch of Patrat. Whilst the president and manager White is talking to a sponsor telling him that her company is the one for the job. Then the director comes over to White and says that a boy is getting in the way of the shoot. The boy's name is Black and he is shouting out his ambitions of being the best Pokémon Trainer. Black apologizes and the director tells White to get the two Tepig ready for the shoot.

But there is a problem, only one female Tepig is in the box and White also needs a male. White blames it on the aide. Suddenly Black's male Tepig, Tep, sees White's Tepig, Gigi, and starts to play with her. This is just what White needs to save her reputation but another fatal problem arises, for some reason most of the crew have fainted and Black is accused.

To prove his innocence Black uses his Munna, Musha to blacken his mind and sense the real culprit. Using notes of metallic equipment, burning and the victims all placed in a circle he finds the real culprit, a Galvantula using its Electroweb. Black uses Tep to finish it off and capture it but Tep's Ember inadvertently burns the equipment to a crisp in the process. White charges all of the damages to the BW Agency and hires Black, which the rest of the crew and Black are not happy about. N was seen watching all of this from far away and cried over the thought of Pokémon being used by humans like this.

Later, in Nacrene City, White attempts to do business by making Pokémon dance with a musician, but fails when the musician has his accordion stolen. Black is once again blamed for the mess and uses Musha to find the real culprit once again. He discovers that a Scraggy and Scrafty were the real culprits, and defeated them, clearing both his and the BW Agency's name. Afterwards, the director gives White the offer to help him think of ideas to make a campaign with Pokémon for Nimbasa City.

The director and White set up a meeting with the mayor of Nimbasa City to create a new attraction for Nimbasa. White impulsively blurts out the idea for a Pokémon Musical, and while she immediately regretted it, the mayor believed it to be a brilliant idea, much to her surprise. Afterwards, White goes to Black and blissfully explains what had just happened to her, mimicking Black's tendency to get lost in his dreams.

Later, White and Black arrive in Nimbasa City after some troubles in Route 4. White drags Black to newly built Musical stadium and meets up with the other BW Agency members. White prepares the remaining stages of the musical and rehearses with some Pokémon, including Gigi.

Eventually, the musical actually begins and the Gym Leader Elesa performs the opening act. However, due to problems at the Driftveil Drawbridge, the props they needed will not able to come in on time. Determined to keep the Musical filled with guests, White decides to look on the computer and find a way to get the props there on time. After managing to find a place that can make an emergency delivery, White goes to stall the guests until the package arrives. Luckily, the Mistralton Cargo service, driven by Skyla, arrives in time to deliver the package and even writes a message in the sky to enjoy the musical. Everyone is seen tearing up in joy over their success and they decide to let White go and rest for her hard work while the others clean up.

Known members

BW Agency possible logo

Humans employed

  • White (President; Manager)
  • Black (Representative; forced to work for White in order to pay off a large debt)
  • Several unnamed members.


Due to White taking part in the Battle Subway, she has closed the Agency temporarily and has returned all of the employed Pokémon to their original Trainers.

Main article: Gigi

Gigi (Jp: ぶぶ Bubu) is a Pokémon actress enlisted in White's BW Agency. She was one of the two Tepig that White was supposed to bring for her commercial shooting, but due to a mix-up, she only brought a female Tepig. She seems to get along with Black's Tep as they quickly decided to play together when they first met.

After discovering her true battle potential, Gigi decides to side with N and leaves White to join him. They later met at N's Castle.

Debut VS Galvantula
BW Agency's Patrat (×3)
Patrat (×3)
Patrat are actor Pokémon hired by White and the BW company to appear in different media, such as movies and advertising. They are all capable of performing comedy, tragedy and even dangerous stunts. They first appeared doing an Xtransceiver advert with a girl.
Debut VS Galvantula
BW Agency's Woobat, Pidove, Sandile, Lillipup
Woobat, Pidove, Sandile, Lillipup
Woobat, Pidove, Sandile and Lillipup are actor Pokémon hired by White and the BW company to appear in different media, such as movies and advertising. They are all capable of performing comedy, tragedy and even dangerous stunts.
Debut VS Galvantula
Main article: Buoh

Nite (Japanese: チャオ Chao), originally Tep (Japanese: ポカ Poka), is Black's Pokémon that became an actor due to Black's debt. He usually stars in commercials with White's Gigi.

Debut Fussing and Fighting
BW Agency's Yamask, Vanillite, Solosis
Yamask, Vanillite, Solosis
Yamask, Vanillite, and Solosis were some of the Pokémon that Gigi trained with in preparation of the Pokémon Musical.
Debut To Make a Musical
BW Agency's Minccino
Minccino was a Pokémon that took part in an event held by the BW Agency to decide what Pokémon could be made into actors. It was one of the most expressive, and so was taken to the Agency.
Debut Growing Pains

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