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These donuts are great! This article is about an episode of the Pokémon anime that has not been dubbed into English. As such, its coverage may contain romanized Japanese names, rather than dub names.
Best Wishes series
BW116   EP773
Burn, Lizardon! VS Kairyu!
First broadcast
Japan March 7, 2013
United States
English themes
Opening It's Always You and Me
Japanese themes
Opening やじるしになって!2013
Ending サクラ・ゴーラウンド
Animation Team Kato
Screenplay 冨岡淳広 Atsuhiro Tomioka
Storyboard 浅田裕二 Yūji Asada
Assistant director 浅田裕二 Yūji Asada
Animation director 岩根雅明 Masaaki Iwane
No additional credits are available at this time.

(Japanese: 燃えよリザードン!VSカイリュー! Burn, Lizardon! VS Kairyu!) is the 116th episode of the Best Wishes series, and the 773rd episode of the Pokémon anime. It first aired in Japan on March 7, 2013.

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Ash and his friends have arrived at a Kanto Fair, and Ash is excited for seeing lots of Kanto Pokémon crafts. N realizes that Ash excitement must be because he's from Kanto, and Ash says that it's true. Also Iris is excited, and she runs along with Ash to explore the Fair, followed by Cilan and N. As they make their way through the Fair, Ash hears a familiar voice, and sees a video presentation, where none other than Professor Oak himself is presenting the three starter Pokémon of Kanto: Water-type Squirtle, Fire-type Charmander, and Grass-type Bulbasaur. N asks Ash which Pokémon he chose as his starter, to which Iris tells that Pikachu is Ash's starter. N is surprised, and Ash explains that he arrived late, and all the other Pokémon were already taken, so he wound up with Pikachu, which turned out to be just great. The video presentation then ends, and a young lady then appears on a small stage, being ready to present Kanto's Fire-type starter Pokémon, Charmander. A puff of smoke covers the stage, and when it clears, a Charmander reveals itself. The crowd is excited, and Ash scans Charmander with his Pokédex. The presentation begins with Charmander using Ember, charming the audience. Charmander then begins spinning while still using Ember, but soon becomes dizzy and accidentally knocks over a lamp, which crashes onto it, as well as a piece of the stage wall. Ash is worried if Charmander is okay, but then Charmander's tail rises from the rubble, indicating that it's fine.

Charmander is taken to a Pokémon Center, where Nurse Joy puts some band-aids on it. She notices Ash and his friends outside of the room, and comes out, saying that Charmander will be fine, making them relieved.

With Charmander getting well, Ash and his friends sit down to drink. Ash tells how this Charmander reminded him of his own Charmander. Cilan is surprised, and wonders that didn't Ash start his journey with Pikachu. Ash admits that that is the truth, but that he also later encountered an abandoned Charmander, which he, Brock, and Misty had saved from a downpour, its tail flame barely burning. It had been taken to a Pokémon Center, from which, as soon as it had recovered, had left to wait for its Trainer. A while later, it had saven Pikachu from the hands of Team Rocket, prompting its Trainer to take it back. Charmander, however, witnessing how selfish his Trainer was, refused to re-join him, and instead went together with Ash. They then went through many experiences together, such as helping Ash to catch a Primeape, allowing him to earn the Soul Badge from Koga, and warming him up during a snowstorm. It had then evolved into a Charmeleon, and started to disobey him. It had soon after evolved again, now becoming a Charizard, but still retaining its disobedience. Although Charizard had helped him to defeat Blaine and earn the Volcano Badge, its disobedience at the Indigo Plateau had cost him the place in the Pokémon League's semi-finals. Iris wonders how this could've happened, to which Cilan reminds how Iris has had the same kind of problems with her Excadrill and Dragonite.

Ash then starts telling how his relationship with Charizard had finally taken a turn to the better at the Orange Islands, where Charizard had been frozen in a battle against a Poliwrath, severly weakening it. Ash had stayed along Charizard's side all night, trying to help it recover as well as he could. Seeing how unselfishly Ash was taking care of it, Charizard had finally earned Ash's turst and started obeying him, even defeating Poliwrath in a rematch. Cilan then wonders why Charizard isn't still in Ash team, even after gaining his trust. Ash explains that when he had entered the Johto region, where Ash and his friends had met Liza and found out about the Charicific Valley, where lots of Charizard trained to become stronger. Ash's Charizard had tried to test its powers with the Charizard in the Valley, but was proven to be seriously underleveled compared to them. Making one of the hardest decisions of his life, Ash had decided to leave Charizard at the Valley, so that it could train and become more stronger and worthy battler. Since then, Charizard had rejoined Ash in several important fights, such as in his Gym battle against Clair, his Silver Conference battle against Gary, as well as his Battle Frontier match against Noland's Articuno, proving that its training at the Charicific Valley had payed off.

The young lady and her Charmander then appear, apologizing for all the trouble they had caused. Ash wishes Charmander everything good, and it and its Trainer then leave. Ash then starts wondering how Charizard is doing, making Iris and Cilan excited of the idea to see it. Seeing their eagerness, Ash decides to call Charizard back. He makes a phone call to Professor Oak, who tells that Charizard has already been sent to the lab, waiting to be transferred. Oak asks which Pokémon Ash is going to send to him as an exchange, to which Ash says that he's going to send his Unfezant. Oak is interested of it would get along with Ash's other Flying-types at the lab, and agrees. The trade is then made, sending Unfezant's Poké Ball to Professor Oak, while Charizard's Poké Ball appears at the Pokémon Center.

Ash joins the others on the outside at the battlefield. Iris and Cilan eager Ash to show Charizard, so Ash, after taking a deep breath, sends out the Flame Pokémon, which emerges from the Ball with a ground-shaking roar. Pikachu jumps on Charizard's shoulder, and the others are amazed at the sight of the magnificent Pokémon. As Ash introduces Charizard to his friends, it greets him with its usual Flamethrower schorching. Ash compliments Charizard's Flamethrower, and they have a fist tap. Even N is impressed of the deep and wonderful relationship that Ash and Charizard have. Ash then calls out his Unova team to greet Charizard, and Iris does the same. Ash introduces his new Pokémon to Charizard, but quickly Charizard's eyes focus on Iris's Dragonite, who glares back at it with an equally fiery stare. Noticing the sprouting rivalry between their Pokémon, Ash challenges Iris and Dragonite to a battle, which she accepts, making Cilan extremely excited.

The battle begins with Dragonite firing a Flamethrower, which Charizard counters with its own Flamethrower. Charizard then takes flight, with Dragonite following right on it tail. Iris tells Dragonite to use ThunderPunch, which Ash counters by having Charizard use Wing Attack, effectively blocking Dragonite's attack. Ash then has Charizard use Slash, and Iris counters by having Dragonite use Dragon Rush. The two moves collide in a big explosion, and Iris thinks that Charizard is down for the count, but this is proven to be far from the truth, as Charizard appears from the dust cloud and roars loudly. Ash decides to hit Dragonite with a super effective attack, and tells Charizard to use Dragon Tail. Iris tells Dragonite to fly away, but Charizard quickly catches it up and hits the Dragon Pokémon, sending it crashing into the ground. When the dust clears, Dragonite is seen holding its right arm, clearly damaged. N then calls off the battle, being impressed of both Charizard and Dragonite. Cilan is also impressed, and is still excited of the battle. Iris, however, wonders why Dragon Rush didn't knock Charizard out, as it was supposed to be a super effective hit. The others then are seemingly surprised, N even chucking a bit, and Ash corrects Iris that Charizard is not a Dragon-type. Iris is shocked and protests that how could it then use a Dragon-type attack, to which Ash replies by showing her Charizard's Pokédex entry, which clearly states that Charizard is a Fire/Flying-type, shocking Iris even more. Ash then invites Charizard to join him in his Unova journey, to which both his friends and Charizard eagerly agree, with the latter firing a celebrating Flamethrower into the sky.

Major events

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Pokémon debuts



Dare da?


Who's That Pokémon?: Charmander (Japan)



  • During the flashback of Snow Way Out!, some of the feathers on Pidgeotto's head are colored yellow like its evolved form instead of pink.
  • During the flashback of Attack of the Prehistoric Pokémon, Aerodactyl's leg is colored orange while it holds Ash.
  • During the flashback when Ash was sending Charizard to the Charicific Valley, Ash's sleeve is discolored.
  • After Oak sent Ash's Charizard for his Unfezant, his eyes are colored brown instead of black.
  • After Ash picks up Charizard's Poké Ball, the wrist of his glove is colored green instead of red.

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