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BW114 : Saving Braviary!
Best Wishes series
BW116 : The Fires of a Red-Hot Reunion!
The Pokémon Harbor Patrol!
BW115   EP772
Hurry Up! The Pokémon Gulf Coast Rescue Squad!!
First broadcast
Japan February 28, 2013
United States June 1, 2013
English themes
Opening It's Always You and Me
Japanese themes
Opening やじるしになって!2013
Ending サクラ・ゴーラウンド
Animation Team Kato
Screenplay 米村正二 Shōji Yonemura
Storyboard 吉村文宏 Fumihiro Yoshimura
Assistant director 吉村文宏 Fumihiro Yoshimura
Animation director 片山みゆき Miyuki Katayama
No additional credits are available at this time.

The Pokémon Harbor Patrol! (Japanese: 急げ!ポケモン湾岸救助隊!! Hurry Up! The Pokémon Gulf Coast Rescue Squad!!) is the 115th episode of the Best Wishes series, and the 772nd episode of the Pokémon anime. It first aired in Japan on February 28, 2013 and in the United States on June 1, 2013.

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On their journey to the White Ruins, Ash and his friends—including N—pass through Virbank City. Cilan hopes that this time they can watch some local films while Iris explains to N that they had visited the city and helped their friend Luke shoot a film. Suddenly, Ash detects a funny smell in the air, and N points out a rising plume of smoke. Guessing that a fire has broken out, the group rushes to investigate.

Upon arrival, they find a building on fire, and Ash sends out Oshawott to put out the blaze with Hydro Pump, but a Watchog gets in their way and prevents them from proceeding. Ash scans Watchog on his Pokédex and wonders why it isn't letting them through. Watchog points out a nearby group of Pokémon and a Trainer. The Trainer orders a Dewott and a pair of Frillish to put out the fire with Hydro Pump, then commands the Frillish to use Psychic and evacuate people left in the building. Using their powers, the Frillish lift out what appear to be two people, but which Iris realizes are actually dummies. The group guesses that the fire is really part of a training exercise, and Watchog nods. The team finishes the job as N silently watches.

Suddenly, Watchog rushes over to the other rescuers and gestures at them, but the Trainer scolds Watchog for leaving its post. Part of the burned building's roof starts to collapse, threatening the whole team. Watchog pushes everyone out of the way in time, saving them from being crushed. Ash rushes over to the Trainer to see if he's okay, who confirms and introduces himself as Halsey. The group points out that Watchog saved them from harm, and Iris asks if Watchog can predict the future. Cilan explains that Watchog have naturally heightened senses and are rumored to be capable of X-ray vision to see through obstacles and underground. N indicates to a confused Halsey that he heard Watchog's heart, and Iris explains N's ability to Halsey. Halsey formally introduces his team as the Pokémon Harbor Patrol, responsible for performing rescues around the harbor and the Virbank Complex, but Dewott begins angrily arguing with Watchog. Halsey knows that Dewott is mad at Watchog for leaving its post, and while he knows that Watchog meant well, he nonetheless reminds Watchog that its role is to keep a lookout at all times and prevent civilians from entering the danger zone. This upsets Watchog, and N translates that Watchog wants to participate in rescues. Cilan agrees with the notion, remarking that since Watchog is a part of the patrol squad it wants to take a more active role. Iris suggests that Watchog be put through an aptitude test to see if it can perform well enough for rescues, and Halsey relents. Meanwhile, Team Rocket watches from afar, planning yet again to steal Pikachu.

Moving onto another part of the training facility, Halsey takes Watchog through a series of tests while Dewott demonstrates. The first test involves lifting a pair of heavy weights, which Dewott accomplishes after a brief struggle. Watchog seems to have more trouble with the weights, but as soon as it uses Strength and gains muscle, it succeeds. The second test involves breaking through a huge block, as the squad needs to get around obstacles in rescues. Dewott slices through the block with its double Razor Shell, and Watchog does the same with Cut. The final test is to put out a small fire, a task Dewott easily accomplishes with a powerful Hydro Pump. Watchog tries putting out its fire with Sand-Attack, but its efforts are far weaker in comparison. Iris and Cilan are less than impressed, but Ash continues cheering Watchog on. Flustered, Watchog tries flapping at the fire with its tail in a last-ditch effort, but this only manages to set its tail on fire, forcing Dewott to extinguish Watchog. Iris is disappointed that Watchog failed its test. Halsey consoles Watchog that Pokémon have different abilities and he feels that Watchog is still best suited for guard duty. He reminds Watchog that guard duty is an equally important role, and everyone encourages Watchog. N, however, is no longer content with watching silently and speaks up. N admits that he does not agree with the idea of tasking Pokémon with rescuing humans as it puts the Pokémon in danger. In defense, Halsey points out that humans rescue Pokémon as well, and rescuing should not discriminate between people or Pokémon. Tension is in the air as the two young men glare at each other, but Halsey receives a distress call: a fire has broken out at the industrial complex, and worse still there are students from the local kindergarten visiting. Halsey informs the others that he has to go, but they convince him to let them tag along and help with evacuation. At the same time, Team Rocket keeps their sights on Pikachu...

At the complex, everyone quickly evacuates the children and their teacher. Halsey confirms from some workers that there are still other workers deeper in the complex. Ash convinces Halsey to leave evacuation to them, allowing Halsey, Dewott and the Frillish to go put out the fire. Wearing gas masks, Halsey and his team (sans Watchog) venture into the building where the fire broke out and discover the source: a burning fuse box. Dewott slices the box open with Razor Shell, allowing the three Pokémon to blast it with Hydro Pump. Meanwhile, Ash and the others guide the escaping workers to the exit, including a disguised Team Rocket. James tells Ash to go into the complex to rescue other workers, but as soon as Ash's back is turned, Team Rocket captures Pikachu in a capsule. Ash turns around and demands an explanation as Team Rocket reveal themselves and recite their motto. James sends out Yamask and orders a Will-O-Wisp, which Ash counters with Oshawott's Hydro Pump. Jessie retaliates with Woobat's Air Slash, but Iris has Axew use Dragon Rage, which bursts through the Air Slash, hits Team Rocket, and sends the capsule holding Pikachu flying. Oshawott breaks the capsule open with Razor Shell, freeing Pikachu, but Jessie orders a barrage of Hidden Power orbs from Woobat. Pikachu expertly dodges the attacks, but the attack ends up hitting a power generator and setting it on fire. Back in the basement, Halsey succeeds in putting out the fire, but due to the new fire above ground, a fuse trips, causing the fire alarm to sound and the surrounding doors to commence lockdown, shutting Halsey's team inside.

Pikachu tries to attack Team Rocket, but they dodge all his attacks and taunt Ash before flying away using jetpacks. Iris and Cilan say that the fire is starting to get worse and must be put out. Oshawott tries its Hydro Pump, but fails to make significant headway. Ash calls Halsey using the complex's intercom and finds out that he is trapped. Halsey asks Ash and his group to evacuate, but Ash insists on staying to help Halsey. Cilan suggests to Iris that Excadrill could dig an escape tunnel to Halsey while Ash tries to hold back the fire as best as he can. Iris sends out Excadrill and orders Dig, but Excadrill soon resurfaces. N reveals that Excadrill has hit solid rock that it can't dig through. Everyone is troubled as to how to proceed.

At the entrance, security personnel and Watchog hold back a group of concerned locals, where N approaches Watchog and asks for its help. N brings Watchog back to Excadrill's tunnel, explaining that Watchog can use its senses to detect where it's possible to dig through underground, and N can relay that information to Iris, who can direct Excadrill. The plan is put in motion with Watchog concentrating hard, closing its eyes to hone its senses and pass the information onto N, Iris, and Excadrill. Finally, Excadrill breaks into the passage containing Halsey.

Back at the fire, Ash encourages Oshawott to keep up its efforts, but eventually Oshawott's Hydro Pump peters out as it is exhausted. However, Halsey and his group arrive on the scene, with him ordering not only Hydro Pumps from Dewott and the Frillish, but also a Sand-Attack from Watchog, and in no time the fire is extinguished. Everyone is glad that disaster has been averted, and Halsey thanks N for his quick thinking in relying on Watchog's senses, remarking that perhaps his opinion of Watchog's rescue abilities is wrong. Likewise, N explains that his opinion has also changed: Watchog isn't rescuing people because it's being forced to, but because it wants to from the bottom of its heart and help both people and Pokémon. Dewott and the Frillish feel the same way, and N concludes that the Harbor Patrol is doing people and Pokémon a great service. With their differences settled, Halsey and N shake hands.

That evening, Halsey bids the gang farewell as they continue their journey towards the White Ruins.

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Who's That Pokémon?: Watchog


Jessie's gloves are colored like her skin instead of black.


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BW114 : Saving Braviary!
Best Wishes series
BW116 : The Fires of a Red-Hot Reunion!
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