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B-L-S is the name given to the 2006 World Championships winner Hiroki Yano, who won the Juniors Division. The deck includes the following cards:

Quantity Card Name Type Rarity
Lugia ex Colorless Rare
Blastoise ex Water Rare
Wartortle Water Uncommon
Squirtle Water Common
Steelix ex Metal Rare
Onix Fighting Common
Latias ☆ Colorless Rare
Pidgeot Colorless Rare
Pidgeotto Colorless Uncommon
Pidgey Colorless Common
Plusle Lightning Uncommon
Holon's Electrode Lightning Uncommon
Holon's Magneton Metal Uncommon
Celio's Network T Uncommon
Copycat T Uncommon
Pokémon Retriever T Uncommon
Power Tree T Uncommon
Professor Elm's Training Method T Uncommon
Rare Candy T Uncommon
Rocket's Admin. T Uncommon
Steven's Advice T Uncommon
Warp Point T Uncommon
11× Water Energy E Common



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