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The headquarters of the B-Button League

The B-Button League is an organization in the Pokémon anime that aims at ultimate strength and beauty without evolving their Pokémon. This seems to be centered around particularly weaker Pokémon such as Magikarp and Feebas. Known members include the leader Haley, who has a powerful Feebas, and her younger sister Oralie, who has a very powerful Magikarp. Its only known headquarters is located in Jubilife City. It appeared for the first and only time so far in Ya See We Want an Evolution. In this episode, Oralie battles Ash and Dawn with her Magikarp, defeating Dawn's Piplup and drawing with Ash's Pikachu. Team Rocket disguised as the "C-Crystal League", steals Haley's Feebas and Oralie's Magikarp to attempt to evolve them along with Pikachu with an evolution machine they bought from the Magikarp salesman. They thought that these very powerful Pokémon would evolve into even stronger Pokémon for their boss. However, the machine failed, just like everything else Team Rocket buys from the Magikarp Salesmen. Team Rocket then attempted to transform their machine into a giant robot, which also failed because the machine must make one successful evolution before it can transform. After this they were blasted off by the two powerful fish.


  • The B-Button League is a reference to the in-game technique to stop Pokémon from evolving. In the games, a player may prevent a Pokémon from evolving by level-up by pressing the B button before the evolution is complete. This was the only way to keep a Pokémon from evolving by level-up until the introduction of the Everstone in Generation II.
  • Despite the fact that both Magikarp and Feebas have very low attack stats, they were able to beat their opponents with relative ease.

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