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This article is about the key item. For the character of the day, see Azure.
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The Azure Flute (Japanese: てんかいのふえ Heaven Flute) is a key event item received through a Nintendo event needed to access the Hall of Origin, where Arceus resides in Pokémon Diamond, Pearl, and Platinum. It is the fourth event item in the Sinnoh-based games, after the Secret Key, Member Card and Oak's Letter.

When the player has reached the top of Mt. Coronet, he or she may choose to use the Azure Flute; this will cause a large staircase to appear that can be climbed to reach the Hall of Origin. It is said to play a tune that is beyond this world.

Flavor text

Games Description

A flute that puts out echoing sounds that do not seem to be of this world. It is unknown who made it.


  • When the Azure Flute is used at the Spear Pillar, it plays the first few notes of the game's intro cutscene.
  • Although the Azure Flute will remain in the Bag after it is used, once Arceus is caught, the Azure Flute will no longer summon the entrance to the Hall of Origin when played at the Spear Pillar. Instead, a message reading, "The Azure Flute echoed hollowly..." will appear. However, if the player knocks out Arceus, the Azure Flute can be used again to have the Alpha Pokémon reappear.
  • The Azure Flute is the only Generation IV event Pokémon-related item to not be distributed in any legitimate way.

In other languages

Language Title
France Flag.png French Flûte Azur
Germany Flag.png German Azurflöte
Italy Flag.png Italian Flauto Cielo
South Korea Flag.png Korean 천계의 피리 Cheongye-ui Piri
Spain Flag.png Spanish Flauta Azur

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