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Autumn (Japanese: アキ Aki) is one of the Maid Café sisters that appeared in Tanks for the Memories!. Her Japanese voice actress is 矢作紗友里 Sayuri Yanagi and her English voice actress is Kether Donahue. She seems to have a crush on Brock. Unfortunately, Brock is more interested in her older sisters, Spring and Summer.

Autumn had a problem developing a bond with her Miltank named Ilta. She was convinced that she would never get to know her and wanted to release her. But Brock convinced her to let him teach her how to get a stronger bond with her Pokémon.

Autumn had trouble in the beginning because of her clumsiness. But when she jumped in the way to protect Ilta from a swarm of Beedrill, Ilta released that Autumn cared for her and began to listen to what she said.


nicknamed "Ilta" (ルータン Rūtan)


  • Aki means autumn in Japanese.
  • Autumn's English voice actress, Kether Donahue, also voices Kikki Benjamin of the anime Mew Mew Power. Like Autumn, she also works at a café.

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