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ブソン Buson
Gender Male
Hometown Unknown
Region Johto
Member of Team Rocket
Rank High-Ranking Officer
Partner Hun
Anime debut The Legend of Thunder!
English voice actor Marc Thompson
Japanese voice actor Nobuyuki Hiyama

Attila (Japanese: ブソン Buson) is a member of Team Rocket. He appeared along with his partner, Hun, in The Legend of Thunder!.

Like the other Rocket duos, his and his partner's names together form the name of a well-known historical person: in this case, Attila the Hun.


Hun and Attila

Hun and Attila both seem somewhat set in their rank, and approach missions casually. They seem to keep their cool even when they lose; in these situations, they calmly retreat. Despite physical stereotypes, Hun is the dominant partner telling Attila to do things that he could do himself. Attila doesn't object or show any signs of aggravation over this role, and takes it in stride. They never disagree or bicker (unlike other Team Rocket partnerships) and even when frustrated, never take it out on one another. In fact, whenever Attila occasionally expresses worry about something going wrong, Hun quickly assures him that it doesn't matter and that he has a solution. In the original Japanese, Hun states that he and Attila are from the "Profit Expansion Division."

Attila is much less formal than his partner, almost always speaking informally to him and everyone else, in the original Japanese. Although not exceedingly arrogant, he does taunt Jimmy and the others when they arrive, and refers to him as "Hero Boy" in all of their interactions. Although he appears to be serious when meeting Professor Sebastian, Attila's general mood seems to be rather lighthearted. When they first test the Crystal System on wild Electric Pokémon, he laughs and gleefully begins to collect them all. Yet, as soon as Hun tells him to focus, he does so immediately.

Although clearly not unintelligent, Attila does not seem to have the same intellectual abilities that his partner does, and often is surprised or impressed by things that Hun does or knows. Attila also seems to be more emotional than his partner, as his aggravation toward Jimmy and the others becomes obvious almost immediately. In these situations, Hun usually manages to distract him or calm him down. One particular event where Attila does completely lose his temper is upon finding out that Marina has used her Pokégear to call for help, and has helped Raikou to escape. He yells through the Pokégear, causing Vincent and Jimmy on the other end to nearly fall over, and then crushes it in his fist.

Attila never really states his personal opinion on Pokémon the way his partner does, yet, occasionally he makes statements that imply he agrees with everything Hun is saying about the fact that they exist to be servants of mankind. He also seems to think that Jimmy, Marina and the others are too young to be interfering with them, often making comments/insulting them based on their age.

Hun and Attila can be seen briefly in Pokémon Ranger and the Temple of the Sea, during the narrator's introduction to the world of Pokémon. They are in the holding area with a captured Rayquaza and in the scene before, the Rayquaza could be seen flying as it tried to avoid being shot down by small missiles. This makes Hun and Attila the only Team Rocket characters known to have captured a legendary Pokémon long enough for it to be studied (with the exception of Giovanni's ownership of Mewtwo, which is still different in that Mewtwo was created by Team Rocket, not captured). It is unknown how, when or if Rayquaza escaped.

Relations to other members

Attila has no recorded history with his partner Hun though, while the dub states that they are new partners, their body language and the familiarity of the behavior towards each other shows that they do have some history together. Additionally, their manner of speech (tenses used, lack of name suffixes etc.) in the original Japanese also implies closeness. In the Japanese, Attila also makes a statement about Hun being "as serious as usual," all but confirming the fact this is not the first time they've worked together. This is also implied by the fact that Attila acts differently toward Hun alone than he does when they are talking to Professor Sebastian together.

In the dub, the pair take mission orders from Professor Sebastian, but it is implied in the original that they have never met him before The Legend of Thunder!. Although Hun seems familiar with Sebastian in the dub, in the original Japanese, it seems fairly clear they have not met before. As Hun introduces both himself and his partner to the Professor. Additionally, in contrast to the dub where he is giving orders, in the original Japanese, Sebastian states that they are "the ones in charge," implying that he has simply made the Crystal System for use in their mission.

It is important to note that neither Hun nor Attila ever mention their rank, although the authority that Hun seems to assume with Professor Sebastian in the original implies that they are very high ranked within their department.

Arsenal and abilities


In addition to the Crystal System, Attila and Hun control a small shuttlecraft, a helicopter, and a mech with a peculiar manner of walking.


Attila's Skarmory
Skarmory is Attila's main battling Pokémon. It knows very powerful moves. It easily defeated Jimmy's Typhlosion.

Skarmory's known moves are Sky Attack, Steel Wing and Fury Attack*.

Debut The Legend of Thunder!
Voice actors
English Maddie Blaustein
Attila's Muk
Muk is Attila's secondary Pokémon. It was used to stop Vincent's Meganium and Jimmy's Typhlosion from freeing Raikou, but it was defeated by Little Miss.

Muk's only known move is Sludge Bomb.

Debut The Legend of Thunder!
Voice actors
English Michael Haigney


Sugimori Attila Hun anime.png
Ken Sugimori's design of Attila and Hun for the anime.

Voice actors

Language Voice actor
Japanese 檜山修之 Nobuyuki Hiyama
English Marc Thompson
European Spanish Alejandro García


  • The origin of his Japanese name is Yosa Buson, considered one of the greatest haiku poets in history. As both he and Matsuo Basho flourished during the Edo period, some have suspected that both were also ninja employed by the administration. This may be a reason why these names were chosen for Hun (whose Japanese name is Basho) and Attila.
    • Additionally, Buson idolized Basho, and carefully followed in his footsteps in an attempt to perfect his own haiku. Seeing as Attila so unhesitatingly follows Hun's orders, this may be the reason for the selection of Buson's name over other influential poets of the time.
  • According to concept art, Attila's design is meant to evoke a raccoon-dog while Hun's design is meant to evoke a fox.


Language Name Origin
Japanese ブソン Buson From 与謝蕪村 Yosa Buson.
English, French,
German, Spanish
Attila From Attila the Hun.
Chinese (Mandarin) 普森 Pǔsēn Transliteration of his Japanese name.

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