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Image:Squirtle hydropump.jpg|[[Ash's Squirtle]] using '''Hydro Pump'''.
Image:Squirtle hydropump.jpg|[[Ash's Squirtle]] using '''Hydro Pump'''.
Image:Squirtle_Tongue.JPG|Attempting to cheer up {{TP|Misty|Togepi}}.
Image:Squirtle_Tongue.JPG|Attempting to cheer up {{TP|Misty|Togepi}}.
Image:SquirtleBubbles.JPG|[[Ash's Squirtle]] using '''Bubbles'''.

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Ash's Squirtle
サトシのゼニガメ Satoshi's Zenigame
Poké Ball
Squirtle jumps into action.
Debuts in Here Comes the Squirtle Squad
Caught at Somewhere between Route 24 and Vermilion City
Gender Unknown
Ability Unknown
Released in The Fire-ring Squad
Current location With the Squirtle Squad
This Pokémon has not evolved.
Voice actor Japanese English
As Squirtle Rikako Aikawa Eric Stuart

Ash's Squirtle (Japanese: サトシのゼニガメ Satoshi's Zenigame) was Ash's sixth Pokémon. It was voiced by 愛河里花子 Rikako Aikawa in Japanese and Eric Stuart in the English dub.


It used to be the leader of a gang known as the Squirtle Squad, who were a group of rogue Squirtle who were deserted by their trainers. Meowth of Team Rocket manages to befriend the Squirtle squad by convincing them that Jessie and James are his pets. The Squirtle Squad then capture Ash, Misty and Brock so they can take Pikachu back to Meowth. Ash managed to convince the Squirtle Squad to let him free to get a Super Potion for Pikachu, who was badly injured after an earlier encounter with a Goldeen. The Squirtle Squad agree to let Ash go to town to buy a Super Potion, but if he wasn't back by noon the next day, they would kill Misty (In the dub they threatened to dye her hair purple).

When Ash got back with the Super Potion, Team Rocket began bombing the Squirtle Squad after they received Pikachu. Ash, Misty and Brock ran to hide in the Squirtle Squad's cave, however when Ash noticed that the leader was stuck on his shell he went back to save it, Squirtle then defeated Team Rocket with Water Gun. However, there was now a forest fire which started due to the bombs, which the Squirtle squad worked together to put out. After putting out the Fire, Officer Jenny appoints the Squirtle Squad as the official Fire Fighters of the town. The leader of the Squirtle Squad preferred to join Ash on his journey than fight fires with the Squirtle Squad, as it wanted to repay Ash for saving its life after Team Rocket tried to bomb it.

Squirtle is shown to be a born leader and prefers to wear sunglasses occasionally, wearing them when investigating Jigglypuff's presence on the Island of Turtle Pokémon and when it competed against Team Wartortle to prove itself, its fire-fighting spirit hurt by its inability to put out the fire that Team Wartortle had extinguished. It served as Pikachu's 'steed' when the group competed in a race, but the two were put out of the running by a Glare attack from Arbok. During the Indigo Plateau Conference, Squirtle won Ash's second round by defeating a Nidorino. One of its most notable battles was when it was pitted against Rudy's Starmie, which had somehow learned how to use Thunderbolt; despite the power of the electric attack, Squirtle not only defeated Starmie, but learned Hydro Pump in the process.

During Ash's travels in Johto, he competed in an event called the Fire and Rescue Grand Prix, a firefighting competition for water Pokémon. As luck would have it, one of the teams was the Squirtle Squad, but they were confused without their leader. Ash's Squirtle led the Squirtle Squad to win the Grand Prix, and at the end of the episode Squirtle returns to the Squirtle Squad because Ash felt that the old gang needed Squirtle more than he did. It returned briefly to battle in the Silver Conference, fighting alongside Totodile and Phanpy against Template:Type2 trainer Macey and defeating her Electabuzz despite the type disadvantage. It has since reappeared to help him with his final battle against Brandon, meeting May's Squirtle and defeating Brandon's Ninjask in the process.

Moves used

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  • Out of Ash's turtle-based Pokémon, it's the only one that is not voiced by 三木眞一郎 Shin'ichirō Miki in Japanese and, coincidentally, by Billy Beach at some point in English.

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