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Ash's Mijumaru
サトシのミジュマル Satoshi's Mijumaru
Poké Ball
Ash's Mijumaru
Debuts in BW001
Caught in BW003
Caught at Isshu
Gender Unknown
Ability Unknown
Current location With Ash
This Pokémon has not evolved.
Voice actor Japanese English
As Mijumaru Misato Fukuen N/A

Ash's Mijumaru (Japanese: サトシのミジュマル Satoshi's Mijumaru) is the second Pokémon that Ash caught in the Isshu region.


Ash first met Mijumaru in Professor Araragi's laboratory in BW001, under her ownership. It took an interest in Ash after he called it cute and began following him, watching from behind a tree when Ash was battling against Shooti, then making sure he was okay after Zekrom restored Pikachu's electricity. It continued to follow him after he set out on his journey, mostly staying out of sight.

In BW002, it reappeared after Mamepato was defeated, rescuing Pikachu and Kibago from Team Rocket by throwing its shell, popping Team Rocket's balloon. Shortly afterward, Mijumaru used Water Gun on Jessie's Koromori; saving Pikachu and Kibago again also defeating Koromori in the process.

In BW003, Mijumaru showed its interest in traveling with Ash and successfully convinced Ash to take it with him on his journey. In its attempt it knocked Pikachu off Ash's shoulder. When Ash tried to catch it with a Poké Ball, it failed as it was still under Professor Araragi's ownership. He immediately called Araragi and requested she send him Mijumaru's Poké Ball. Later on, Mijumaru stopped Pikachu from following Ash into a rushing hot water spring. Then, Mijumaru helped Ash by stopping a hot spring geyser from hitting him by using Water Gun. Finally, Ash officially called it back to its Poké Ball in order to prevent it from falling into the hot water.

Moves used

Using Water Gun
Move First Used In
Water Gun  BW002
Shell Blade BW002
A shows that the move was used recently, unless all moves fit this case or there are fewer than five known moves.


  • Mijumaru's capture was first revealed in a short preview aired after DP190, featuring all the Isshu starters.
  • Similar to Aipom and Gible, it followed Ash behind his back and debuted few episodes earlier before its official capture.
  • Mijumaru is the first Starter Pokémon that Ash has captured first in its region that isn't the region's Grass-type starter.
  • Mijumaru is the first Water-type starter Ash has caught since Totodile in Johto.
  • Like Ash's first water-type starter Squirtle, Mijumaru wanted to be captured and was not battled.
  • Mijumaru is Ash's second Water-type Pokémon based on a mammal. The first is Ash's Buizel. Coincidentally, both are based on otters.

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