Ash's Muk

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Ash's Muk
サトシのベトベトン Satoshi's Betbeton
Poké Ball
Ash Muk.png
Muk smothering Ash
Debuts in Sparks Fly for Magnemite
Caught at Gringey City
Gender Unknown
Ability Unknown
Current location At Professor Oak's Laboratory
This Pokémon has not evolved.
Voice actor Japanese English
As Muk Unshō Ishizuka Michael Haigney (4Kids)
Tom Wayland (TPCi)

Ash's Muk (Japanese: サトシのベトベトン Satoshi's Betbeton) was the ninth Pokémon caught by Ash during his travels through Kanto.


Ash caught Muk in the episode Sparks Fly for Magnemite. Ash and his friends were traveling through Gringey City, which was in the midst of a power failure. The local power plant was being overrun by the mysterious Template:Type2 Pokémon Grimer. After the swarm was taken down, the Grimer's leader, a Muk, came and challenged the Trainers. With the aid of Pikachu and a Magnemite that was following it due to an electrical build up, Ash weakened it and captured the Muk. It was then immediately sent to Oak's lab because its stench was so rancid that it could seep through the Poké Ball. However, Muk's horrid smell seemed to have disappeared in later episodes as neither Ash, nor anyone around him, was affected by it.

While at the lab, Muk grew an attachment to Professor Oak and as a recurring gag, it would always smother the Professor whenever Ash would make a call to the lab. So far, Muk has only been in two major battles since its capture in which it was selected as a surprise entry in the Indigo Plateau Conference. It defeated Jeanette Fisher's high-level Bellsprout using Body Slam and won the match for Ash.

Muk was briefly called in The Mystery Menace, where Ash used Muk to help him find the giant Bulbasaur in a sewer.

Muk also battled Gary's Blastoise and Scizor in the Silver Conference; however, it was knocked out without a single win.

Muk made an appearance in the special episodes, where it was seen crushing Cassidy, Butch and all of the stolen Poké Balls. It was also seen crushing Tracey when he opened the door to Oak's Lab to Delia.

Muk reappeared in An Old Family Blend!, at Prof. Oak's lab, and then it was transferred to Ash for a brief reunion. Muk was not seen participating in the Lily of the Valley Conference.

Moves used

Using Body Slam
Move First Used In
Body Slam The Fourth Round Rumble
Toxic The Fourth Round Rumble
Poison Gas A Tent Situation
Sludge Bomb Can't Beat the Heat!
A shows that the move was used recently, unless all moves fit this case or there are fewer than five known moves.


  • It is Ash's only Pokémon in the Indeterminate egg group.
  • * Ash's Muk is one of his Pokémon that isn't an unevolved Pokémon when he caught it. The others being his Palpitoad, Noctowl and Pidgeot.

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