Ash's Leavanny

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Ash's Swadloon
サトシのクルマユ Satoshi's Kurumayu
Poké Ball
Ash Swadloon.png
Ash's Swadloon
Debuts in BW018
Caught at Pinwheel Forest
Evolves in BW025
Gender Male
Ability Swarm*
Current location With Ash
Sewaddle Swadloon
This Pokémon spent 7 episodes as Sewaddle.
Voice actor Japanese English
As Sewaddle Inuko Inuyama N/A
As Swadloon Inuko Inuyama N/A

Ash's Swadloon (Japanese: サトシのクルマユ Satoshi's Kurumayu) is the sixth Pokémon that Ash obtained in the Unova region.


As a Sewaddle

Swadloon first appeared as a Sewaddle while Ash and friends were in Pinwheel Forest. After attacking Pikachu, Ash tried to catch him but was not successful since Sewaddle ran away. He later reappeared and knocked Ash to the ground when the trio met Burgh, the Gym Leader of the Castelia Gym, who revealed that he was accompanying Sewaddle through the forest even though he was not his Pokémon.

Despite showing antipathy to Ash early on, Sewaddle started to change his mind about Ash when he jumped in front of Sewaddle and took an Air Slash attack from two Woobat to protect him. Sewaddle and Pikachu then used a combo of Razor Leaf and Thunderbolt to scare the two Woobat away. Afterwards Sewaddle got stuck on a Deerling and got thrown over a cliff into a river with Ash diving in to save him. Burgh then used his Leavanny to save both Sewaddle and Ash from going over a waterfall. Sewaddle was very thankful to Ash and happily allowed him to capture him. But once he was captured, his Poké Ball became sealed as Ash had seven Pokémon on him at the time. This meant Ash had to send over one of his Pokémon to Professor Juniper in order to retain Sewaddle in his party, to which he chose his Pidove.

Sewaddle sleeping

In BW019, Ash wanted to have Sewaddle examined by a Pokémon Connoisseur so he would know how compatible he was with him. He showed him to a C-class Connoisseur by the name of Cabernet. She confirmed that his ability is Swarm which she thought was a bad thing as she thought Ash would be better off with a Sewaddle with Chlorophyll. When she said he had to replace Sewaddle, he fired a String Shot at her in anger.

In BW021, Ash took back Pidove from storage in exchange for Sewaddle.

In BW025, he was taken out of storage for use against Burgh, where he fought against and defeated Burgh's Dwebble. Later, while battling his Whirlipede, Sewaddle evolved into Swadloon, while learning Energy Ball in the process.

Moves used

Ash Swadloon String Shot.png
Using String Shot
Move First Used In
String Shot  BW018
Razor Leaf  BW018
Bug Bite BW018
Tackle  BW025
Energy Ball  BW025
A shows that the move was used recently, unless all moves fit this case or there are fewer than five known moves.


  • Swadloon is Ash's first Grass-type Pokémon that is not a starter Pokémon.
  • Swadloon is the first of Ash's Pokémon since his Krabby which he caught when he already had a full party of six Pokémon.
    • Interestingly, both Sewaddle and Krabby evolved during an official Pokémon battle.
    • It also marks the first time Ash has rotated his seventh Pokémon into his main team.
  • Swadloon is the first of Ash's Unova Pokémon to have its ability confirmed through the anime.

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