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{{anmu|ground|Dig|EP225|Bulbasaur... the Ambassador!|x=yes}}
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{{anmu|normal|Whirlwind|EP010|Bulbasaur and the Hidden Village|x=yes}}

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Ash's Bulbasaur
サトシのフシギダネ Satoshi's Fushigidane
Poké Ball
Ash Bulbasaur.png
Ash's Bulbasaur
Debuts in Bulbasaur and the Hidden Village
Caught at Hidden Village
Gender Unknown
Ability Unknown
Current location At Professor Oak's Laboratory
This Pokémon has not evolved.
Voice actor Japanese English
As Bulbasaur Megumi Hayashibara Tara Jayne (4Kids)
Michele Knotz (TPCi)

Ash's Bulbasaur (Japanese: サトシのフシギダネ Satoshi's Fushigidane) was the fourth Pokémon caught by Ash during his travels through Kanto, and the first of the original starter Pokémon that Ash acquired. It is voiced by 林原めぐみ Megumi Hayashibara in the Japanese version. Its English voice actresses are Tara Jayne (4Kids dub; up until Advanced Challenge), Lindsey Warner (The Right Place and the Right Mime) and Michele Knotz (TPCi dub).


Bulbasaur's debut

It was raised in the Hidden Village by Melanie, who cared for sick, injured, and abandoned Pokémon. Bulbasaur acted as the village's bodyguard, but after Ash helped defend the Hidden Village from an attack by Team Rocket, Melanie encouraged it to join Ash, explaining that its growth was being stunted by staying too long in the village. Although Bulbasaur initially appeared to distrust Ash, it agreed to join him. In Island of Giant Pokémon, it alone assumed that Ash had abandoned it and the others. Its views on trainers were presumably colored by all the abandoned Pokémon in the Hidden Village. Over time Bulbasaur grew to trust its new trainer.

Bulbasaur is extremely stubborn, surly, and eager to battle. It had the opportunity to evolve in Bulbasaur's Mysterious Garden, but refused to do so despite facing a mass of Ivysaur as well as a Venusaur who were angry at it for ruining the Bulbasaur evolutionary festival. This allowed it to learn the powerful SolarBeam technique earlier than if it had evolved. It has the heart of a fighter and it never gives up in a battle. It has the determination to keep fighting even if the odds are against it, defeating such varied opponents as an Exeggutor, a Venonat, a Beedrill and a Scyther despite the type disadvantages. On one occasion Bulbasaur- along with Pikachu- was briefly leant to Misty to allow her to compete in the Princess Day Festival with a more balanced team, Bulbasaur single-handedly winning her first match by defeating a Kingler, Pinsir, Cubone and Raticate on its own. During a visit to a garden full of exotic plants run by Florinda Showers, Bulbasaur developed a certain affection for her Gloom, but nothing apparently came of it.

Bulbasaur is the only member of Ash's original team, save for Pikachu, to remain in his care. It stayed with him until midway in the Johto adventures, when it was sent back to Professor Oak's to keep the Pokémon there from quarreling with each other. Bulbasaur later returned in Hokey Poké Balls! to meet May's Bulbasaur, and again alongside Charizard and Squirtle to battle Brandon at the Battle Pyramid, where it defeated Brandon's Dusclops and Solrock (defeating Dusclops after its impressive defeat of Charizard, and taking Solrock down with it after a dual SolarBeam).

Bulbasaur is frequently viewed as the responsible leader of Ash's Pokémon, especially due to his actions at Professor Oak's lab.

Moves used

Using Vine Whip Move First Used In
Tackle Bulbasaur and the Hidden Village
Leech Seed The Ninja Poké-Showdown
Vine Whip Bulbasaur and the Hidden Village
Sleep Powder Unknown
Razor Leaf Primeape Goes Bananas
SolarBeam Bulbasaur's Mysterious Garden
Take Down Unknown
Dig x Bulbasaur... the Ambassador!
Whirlwind x Bulbasaur and the Hidden Village
An x shows that the move cannot be legitimately learned by this Pokémon in the games.
  Moves used recently are in bold unless all moves all fit this case.


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