Ash's Snorlax

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Ash's Snorlax
サトシのカビゴン Satoshi's Kabigon
Poké Ball
Ash Snorlax.png
Ash's Snorlax
Debuts in Snack Attack
Caught at Seven Grapefruit Islands
Gender Male (confirmed in dub only)
Ability Unknown
Current location At Professor Oak's Laboratory
This Pokémon has not evolved.
Voice actor Japanese English
As Snorlax Katsuyuki Konishi Michael Haigney (4Kids and AG149)
Eric Stuart (AG088, SS004, AG133)
Billy Beach (DP182-present)

Ash's Snorlax (Japanese: サトシのカビゴン Satoshi's Kabigon) was the second Pokémon caught by Ash Ketchum in the Orange Islands.


Snorlax showing Pikachu affection by licking it

During his travels in the Orange Islands in Snack Attack, Ash discovered a grapefruit orchard that was under attack by a Snorlax that was eating everything in sight, and was consuming many of the nearby islands' vegetation within days. Ash, Misty, Tracey, Pikachu and Jigglypuff eventually managed to stop the Snorlax. This gave Ash the perfect opportunity to catch it.

Ash kept the Snorlax on his team for the remainder of his time in the Orange Islands, but could not use it in the finals due to the fact that it would not wake up and needed to be switched with one of Ash's thirty Tauros. After the tournament was won, Ash then decided to keep his Snorlax at Professor Oak's permanently because he could no longer feed it and only called upon its power in major battles.

Since then, Snorlax has become one of the senior members of Ash's team, along with Charizard and Pikachu and has provided much needed comic relief in many situations. Ash called upon it for the Sumo Conference in Ring Masters, winning the subsequent fight as a result, and later used it to defeat Clair's Kingdra in their rematch. He also used Snorlax during the Johto League competition, first against Gary Oak where it quickly defeated Gary's Nidoqueen and Arcanine, but lost to Scizor. Snorlax then fought during Ash's following match against Harrison, defeating his Steelix and Hypno, though in the end it fell to his Houndoom.

In a special episode, Snorlax made a cameo appearance and was seen being awakened by the herd of Tauros.

Ash and Snorlax

When Ash returned from Hoenn, with May and Max, Snorlax befriended May's Munchlax. Most recently, Snorlax helped Ash earn the Guts Symbol from Greta in Wheel of Frontier by defeating her Hariyama with an Ice Punch and literally flattening her Medicham with Body Slam.

It appeared in An Old Family Blend!, alongside Ash's other Pokémon. It was not in its Poké Ball, like many of Ash's other Pokémon, but was found in the kitchen, eating restaurant food. It was later used in the battle against Team Rocket, but it was sleeping. Ash tried to wake up Snorlax, but it accidentally rolled over, tipping the Team Rocket Mecha over. It was seen again in Casting a Paul on Barry! where it defeated a female trainer's Grumpig with a powerful Body Slam, helping Ash progress to the third round.

Moves used

Using Ice Punch
Using Tackle
Move First Used In
Body Slam  Snack Attack
Headbutt Snack Attack
Mega Kick Snack Attack
Mega Punch Bound For Trouble
Hyper Beam Pokémon Food Fight!
Ice Punch Better Eight Than Never
Tackle The Right Place and the Right Mime
Harden Wheel of Frontier
Rest Wheel of Frontier
A shows that the move was used recently, unless all moves fit this case or there are fewer than five known moves.


  • In the Electric Tale of Pikachu, while Ash was trying to stop Snorlax from eating the grapefruits, he was nearly eaten by it.
  • Snorlax is the second of Ash's Pokémon to have a baby form introduced at a later generation, the first being Pikachu.
  • In Wheel Of Frontier, Snorlax's Harden was erroneously named Protect in the Japanese version of the anime. The error was carried on into the dub.
  • In Pokémon Food Fight, Misty says, "That is if you can ever get him to wake up", but only in the dub. This could confirm Snorlax to be a male.
    • Another instance of gender confirmation in the dub was in Playing with Fire!, when Professor Oak says "Snorlax's Hyper Beam was sent back to him at double the power."

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