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Ash's Poipole
サトシのベベノム Satoshi's Bebenomu
Beast Ball
Poipole anime.png
Ash's Poipole
Debuts in The Professors' New Adventure!
Caught in SM067
Caught at Ultra Guardians base below the Pokémon School
Gender Genderless
Ability Unknown
Current location With Ash
This Pokémon has not evolved.
Voice actor Japanese English
As Poipole Unknown N/A

Ash's Poipole (Japanese: サトシのベベノム Satoshi's Bebenomu) is the fourth Pokémon that Ash caught in the Alola region, and his fiftieth overall.


As a wild Pokémon

Poipole first appeared towards the end of The Professors' New Adventure!, when it was seen traversing through an Ultra Wormhole. It reappeared in SM061, where it emerged from the wormhole on Melemele Island and started roaming around. Soon it came to witness Ash and his classmates battling a Buzzwole during their first Ultra Guardians mission, and became fascinated by the light produced by Pikachu's attacks, excitedly approaching him while the rest of the group had their attention on whether Buzzwole's capture was successful or not.

In SM067, Poipole recalled Pikachu's Thunderbolt after encountering a wild Chinchou, and went looking for him, eventually finding him at the Pokémon School. While Ash and his classmates were focusing on their lesson, Poipole attracted Pikachu's attention and lured him away, wanting to see Pikachu's Electric-type moves again. After Pikachu had shared an apple with it, Poipole started showing its affection towards him with constant nuzzling. Ash's Rowlet, who was looking for Pikachu, mistook this as Pikachu being in trouble and tried to attack Poipole, only for Poipole to panic and spray some of its poison at Rowlet, poisoning it. After Pikachu scolded Poipole, it understood its mistake and offered to help carrying Rowlet. While going through Hau'oli City, the two were attacked by Team Rocket, who tried to capture them, but were saved when Ash showed up.

Later, Poipole was brought to the Ultra Guardians base, where Lusamine contacted the group and, since Rotom had been unable to recognize it, told them Poipole's name. Lusamine also suggested that Ash would catch Poipole, which he agreed to. However, Poipole happily evaded all the Beast Balls that Ash tried to throw at it, seeming to think that Ash was playing with it. Lillie suggested that they'd demonstrate to Poipole what going into and being let out of a Poké Ball would be like, which Ash did by recalling and sending out his Rowlet multiple times in a row. With the demonstration done and Poipole now understanding his intentions, Ash prepared to throw another Beast Ball, only for Poipole to touch the ball and be caught voluntarily, much to everyone's surprise. Later, Poipole was seen playing with Ash and his Pokémon at Professor Kukui's house, even painting a picture of Pikachu on the wall.

With Ash

Personality and characteristics

Poipole is shown to be quite playful with other Pokémon. In one instance of this in SM061, whilst Ash and his classmates were waiting to see if Buzzwole had been captured, Poipole attempted to play with Pikachu before flying off. It has also been show to have a fascination with light, as shown how it tends to stop to admire Pikachu's Electric-type moves. Poipole is also known to laugh even when attacked.


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