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'''Arti Cuno''' was the screenname of the webmaster of [[Articuno Island]]. She started her website, Prussian Town in 1998 and focused the website on her fanfic universe, {{pkmn|anime}} and gaming news, as well as a vast network of [[Pokémon]] websites. Her site grew and became a part of [[Bulbagarden]] as a hostee and remained as such until a domain was found.
She chose to name the site Prussian Town and later Articuno Island after two very important places in her stories. Prussian Town was known as the original PPN and still remembered as such by few fans today. The site it became after gaining a domain however was more popular and this got more recognition in the community as it still remained tied to BMG.
As Articuno Island, her site focused more and more on the fanfic aspect of the fandom while still remaining affiliated with BMG and hosted a variety of websites. Arti's site, Articuno Island does not exist today as a lack of time closed the site for a while. Instead, she runs [http://www.icephoenix.com IcePhoenix.com] and her old fanfics and drawings can still be found there.
==In fan fiction==
Arti's fan fiction universe was a big part of Articuno Island/Prussian Town as her namesake was a popular character to the fans of the website. Arti's character was popular due to her being a gym leader, ranch owner with many rare Pokémon Arti created and not just being regular trainer.
Of course, Arti's adventures were far from being classified as normal. Arti and her junior trainers Renku, Chris and Nakako were part of a strange secret in Prussian Town. The four of them were part of an accident that fused the children with certain Pokémon. Arti was fused with an {{p|Articuno}} and the other three had features of the Pokémon, {{p|Charmeleon}}, {{p|Vaporeon}} and {{p|Nidoking}} respectively.
The character carried a torch for [[Gary Oak]] and had many adventures with him and her three friends from the accident that became a town secret.
The story of Arti Cuno can be found on IcePhoenix.com in these stories:
* Birds of a Feather
* True Colors of Prussian
* Articuno Island
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