Arena Trap (Ability)

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Flavor text
Generation III
Prevents fleeing.
Generation IV
Prevents the foe from fleeing.
Generation V
Currently unknown
Generation VI
Currently unknown
Generation VII
Currently unknown

Arena Trap (Japanese: ありじごく Antlion) is an ability introduced in Generation III. Three Pokémon have this ability, all of which are of the Ground-type.


In battle

Arena Trap prevents fleeing or switching out as long as the user remains in battle. If the user switches out, the affected Pokémon can switch out or flee in the next turn. Flying-type Pokémon and Pokémon with Levitate are immune to the effect of this ability. Run Away will also negate its effect, but only in a wild Pokémon battle.

Outside of battle

Outside of battle, Arena Trap causes wild Pokémon to appear more often.

Pokémon with Arena Trap

Single ability

No Pokémon have Arena Trap as their only ability.

Dual ability

# Pokémon Type Other ability

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In the anime

Trapinch. Trapinch digs a circular pit underground, hides at the bottom and covers it up. When an opponent steps on the ground above Trapinch, it collapses, revealing Trapinch and causing the opponent to slide down the edges of the pit toward Trapinch. The collasping ground at the sides of the pit prevent the opponent's escape.

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In other languages

  • Italian: Trappoarena
  • Spanish: Trampa arena
  • German: Auswegslos
  • French: Piège