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アオギリ Aogiri
Art from R/S/E
Gender Male
Hometown Unknown
Region Hoenn
Trainer class Aqua Leader
Generation III
Games Ruby, Sapphire, and Emerald
Member of Team Aqua
Rank Boss
Anime debut Gaining Groudon
English voice actor Sean Schemmel
Japanese voice actor Masaki Aizawa

Archie (Japanese: アオギリ Aogiri) is the head of Team Aqua.

In the anime

Archie appeared in Gaining Groudon and The Scuffle of Legends. During the events, he becomes possessed by the power of the Red Orb, much like Pikachu and the Blue Orb. His only concern from that point is to raise the sea, even if it meant drowning all of his Team Aqua members.

Voice actors

  • Japanese
    • 相沢正輝 Masaki Aizawa
  • Spanish
    • Pablo Adán (Spain)

In the games

Archie is the head of Team Aqua.

In Pokémon Ruby Archie helps the player against Team Magma. He doesn't have an active role in the storyline and can't be battled.

In Pokémon Sapphire he first appears in the Oceanic Museum in Slateport City, trying to steal the Devon Goods from Captain Stern. Later, Team Aqua members steal a Meteorite from Professor Cozmo and try to turn Mt. Chimney into a lake. Then, after Shelly raids the Weather Institute, Archie steals the Red Orb from Mt. Pyre. Later, he and the Team Aqua members turn up in Slateport again as Captain Stern announces a discovery he has made about a seafloor cavern. Team Aqua promptly steals the Submarine Explorer 1 that Captain Stern has built and goes for the Seafloor Cavern to awaken Kyogre.

In Pokémon Emerald, he also appears in the Oceanic Museum in Slateport City as the player delivers the Devon Goods to Captain Stern, just like in Sapphire.

Then Archie tries to stop Team Magma at Meteor Falls and Mt. Chimney. Later in the game, he steals again both the Red Orb and the Submarine Explorer 1 and awakens Kyogre another time.


In the games he appears in, Archie battles with the following Pokémon:

Pokémon Sapphire

First battle

The first time Archie is battled is on the crater of Mt. Chimney, after Aqua Admin Matt and an Aqua grunt.

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Second battle

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Pokémon Emerald

First battle

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In the Pokémon Special manga

In the Pokémon Special manga, Archie is one of the devious villains of Hoenn. His identity is a secret, and he works as the head of Hoenn TV, which made him the boss of Gabby & Ty. Using his position as the master of the region's media, Archie was able to cover up Team Aqua's actions and air anti-Team Magma propaganda.

He ensures that Team Aqua's missions are carried out in top secret, and eliminates any evidence of their attacks. The only major feat they have accomplished is stealing the prototype engine for the Submarine Explorer 1; however, this was the only thing really essential to their plans. When Maxie obtained the Blue Orb, Amber's Volbeat stole it from them and gave it to him.

After Rayquaza interrupted the battle between Groudon and Kyogre, Archie and Maxie went insane and attempted to destroy those who interferred with their plans. Archie used his Tentacruel to pull Courtney into the Cave Of Origin, suffocate Ruby and hold Winona hostage when Wallace tried to save Ruby. Archie stomped on Ruby's Feebas, Mimi, and mocked it for being weak and ugly.

In recent chapters of the Emerald chapter he was under an alias known as Guile Hideout.


The following are Archie's Pokémon in the Pokémon Special manga:

Starmie ×8



At Team Aqua's HQ


In the TCG

With Team Aqua playing a large role in the EX Team Magma vs Team Aqua set, it's no surprise Archie has his own card in that set.


  • In the coding of Pokémon Ruby and Sapphire, there is an unused Team Aqua sprite. The sprite bears a resemblance to Archie and some fans speculate it may be his beta sprite.
  • Archie uses a Mightyena in the games, in the anime Team Magma members use Mightyena.


Language Name Origin
Japanese アオギリ (Aogiri) 梧桐 Aogiri, Firmiana simplex.
English Archie Aqua.
French Arthur Aqua.
German Adrian Aqua.
Italian Ivan Idro.
Spanish Aquiles Aqua.
Korean 아강 (Agang)
Chinese 水梧桐 (Shuǐwútóng) Means parasol tree; from 梧桐, aogiri. 水 means water.

External links

Boss: Archie
Administrators: MattShellyAmber
Lower Members: Team Aqua Grunts
Former Members: Zinnia
Locations: Team Aqua Hideout

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