April Fools' Day 2012

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April 1, 2012 was an April Fools' Day that fell on a Sunday. In the Pokémon fandom, many websites pulled hoaxes on gullible fans.




  • Bulbanews posted an article about several leaked upcoming games which included Pokémon Battrio for the Nintendo 3DS and a "demake" of Black and White for the original Game Boy, along with a fake trailer for the game created by Pokémon hacker Koolboyman.
  • The Anime Forum also released a list of fake anime episodes which included the return of Giovanni and a battle between him and Ash.
  • Bulbagarden forums were redesigned to become NOT Bulbagarden, with the forum taking on a look and theme of 2001: A Space Odyssey as though the fake announcement of the Bulbagarden forums moving away from Pokémon talk had just recently taken place.

Other fan sites

  • Psypoke had shaking rainbow-colored text on the front news page along with a constant line of Bidoof marching down the page.
  • PKMNcast.com followed last year's example and became distorted with images and signs of Missingno. The banner had an image of Missingno. on it, with various parts of the website were missing and the colors were changed.
  • veekun was taken over by a Treecko and was renamed to "treekun", taking on the look and feel of Treecko's colors.
  • Pokécharms was rebranded as "KyruemCharms" with the slogan "We're PINGAS and proud of it".
  • Pokecardex was taken over by Panini Cards, with the site transformed into Panini's imagery.
  • Dogasu's Backpack took on the look and theme of 1997 as though the airing of the first episode of the anime was about to take place.
  • Pokémon Marriland changed "Pokémon" to "Pocketmon" on every page of the site. Also, many icons and sprites were replaced with those of Bidoof, but the names of the Pokémon remained the same. In addition, a supposed Keldeo event that began April 1st was announced on the site.
  • Pokemon Database replaced all Pokemon sprites with those of Missingno. and distorted the header, as if Missingno. has corrupted the site.


  • Serebii.net decided not to partake in anything special in regards to April Fools like the year before. Serebii.net Forums announced the system for Members to change their user names. This was believed to be a Hoax by several members. Previously this ability was regularly requested to staff to be added.


April Fools' Day

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