April Fools' Day 2005

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April 1 2005 was an April Fool's Day that fell on a Friday.


A magazine page scan depicting Korechū
Pokémon-related hoaxes this year included:
  • A new Pokémon, Korechū (Japanese: これュウ and これちゆぅ, sic) was revealed in a magazine page scan. PokéLord later admitted it had composed it as a joke. [1] [2] [3] [4]
  • Chance (Japanese: チャーンス Chānsu), believed to be a pre-evolutionary form of Chansey, is revealed as a new TCG card. (Pokébeach: [5] [6])
  • Pokemopolis posted a cease and desist letter from a law firm representing Nintendo that claimed the site had tarnished Nintendo's image.
  • PokéMasters forums faked a database error.
  • Serebii.net's Forums had an elaborate Custom Avatar prank which angered many.
  • Legendary Pokémon (site) showed a fake magazine page scan, revealing the shadow of a Pokémon named エイプリルフール (Eipurirufuuru) which means April Fool's Day in Japanese. (Legendary Pokémon: [7].
A Chance TCG card
PokéMasters forums
File:Legendary Pokemon April Fools.gif
A scan showing Eipurirufuuru

Aesthetic changes

Bulbagarden forums
A fairly predictable joke that recurs each April Fool's Day is an aesthetic change:

Content changes

Haruka Fanclub
A variation on the previous theme, some sites change their focus:
Dogasu's Backpack


Real announcements misinterpreted as hoaxes included:

  • None reported