April Fools' Day 2017

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April 1, 2017 was an April Fools' Day that fell on a Saturday. In the Pokémon fandom, some websites pulled hoaxes on gullible fans.




Other fansites

  • Marriland announced Pokémon Star, and announced Alolan Dragonair, Dodrio, Jynx, and Alakazam with accompanying pictures on all but Alakazam.
  • Pokémon Central Wiki posted news from "a reliable source" that Magikarp had been given a Z-Crystal called "MAGIKARPIUM Z" and a new move called "Splash Ultrasupercritico" (translated as Ultra Super Critical Splash) which one hit KO's the opponent and a random Pokémon not on the field, the news article ended with "ALL HAIL MAGIKARP!". They also featured Magikarp on their home page and changed its color to orange instead of their usual blue.
  • Filb.de added a new skin onto their site which caused the screen to change color in a loop from their usual blue to green then orange, red, purple, dark blue and back to their original color. Music also played immediately when entering the site and miscellaneous sounds, the "music" stops after a while. A Meowth replaced Greenchu and pressing it plays new music.


April Fools' Day

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