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"Even with a type advantage, your team should be at least level 75 to stand a chance. " This is clearly not true Type advantage is enough with the right attacks even if your team is below level 65

Not the best strategy, but I beat Red with: L48 Haunter L50 Raikou L54 Suicune L62 Ho-oh L49 Golduck (flash HM slave) L48 Graveller

Graveller can defeat pikachu using earthquake one or two times. Ho-oh can tank Espeon, using recover and fireblast Snorlax can be defeated with a combination of earthquakes from graveller and hypnosis from haunter (fighting type would be much easier here) Ho-oh can defeat Venusaur with Sunny Day+fireblast (one hit KO) Suicune can 1 or 2 hit Charizard Blastoise can be defeated using a Raikou (shock) and Suicune -Posiedus 01:40, 9 December 2011 (UTC)