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Celadon City

Celadon City

Celadon City is the second-largest city in the region, and it's got plenty going on to live up to the hype. The Celadon Department Store is an essential stop, since almost anything a Trainer could want is up for sale here. The Celadon Mansion is a hotel-of-sorts, and the current tenants are none other than Game Freak, the team that developed Pokémon. The Game Corner houses the slot machines, and those coins can be redeemed for valuable prizes in the Prize Corner next door. In addition, Celadon is also home to the Celadon Gym, nestled on a hill in the southwest.

Celadon Mansion

The tall building in the north of town is Celadon Mansion. Game Freak's game designer (on the third floor) promises a reward if you show him your completed Pokédex. You can get a new addition right now - leave the mansion and follow the path behind the Poké Center, and you'll find a break in the trees where you can enter the mansion through the back door. Make sure that you've got an empty slot in your party, and take the stairs to the top floor to find an Eevee. Eevee is an extremely versatile creature, since it can evolve into one of three different forms, depending on the evolutionary stone that it is exposed to. Exposure to a Water Stone, Thunderstone, or Fire Stone results in a Vaporeon, Jolteon, or a Flareon, respectively. You can buy these stones in the Dept. Store, and any of those three evolutions will make a powerful addition to your team, especially since they can cover the weaknesses of your starter's final form.

The Rockets are back

If you haven't noticed by now, there are two Rocket grunts wandering the city. It looks like Team Rocket has something planned for Celadon... Stop by the café in the south of town, and talk to the guy in the back corner. He lost all his money at the slots, so he has no more use for his Coin Case, and hands it over. Next door to the café is an operation that is shipping 2,000 Pokémon every month to the Game Corner as slot prizes. Those kind of numbers mean big money, and that's got Team Rocket written all over it. They're up to something, and as one of the workers points out, it surely has nothing to do with a hidden switch behind a poster in the Game Corner.

Celadon Department Store

2nd floor

Left Cashier
Great Ball Great Ball
Pokémon Dollar600
Super Potion Super Potion
Pokémon Dollar700
Revive Revive
Pokémon Dollar1500
Antidote Antidote
Pokémon Dollar100
Burn Heal Burn Heal
Pokémon Dollar250
Ice Heal Ice Heal
Pokémon Dollar250
Awakening Awakening
Pokémon Dollar200
Parlyz Heal Parlyz Heal
Pokémon Dollar200
Super Repel Super Repel
Pokémon Dollar500

Right Cashier
TM Normal TM32 (Double Team)
Pokémon Dollar1000
TM Psychic TM33 (Reflect)
Pokémon Dollar1000
TM Normal TM02 (Razor Wind)
Pokémon Dollar2000
TM Normal TM07 (Horn Drill)
Pokémon Dollar2000
TM Normal TM37 (Egg Bomb)
Pokémon Dollar2000
TM Normal TM01 (Mega Punch)
Pokémon Dollar3000
TM Normal TM05 (Mega Kick)
Pokémon Dollar3000
TM Normal TM09 (Take Down)
Pokémon Dollar3000
TM Fighting TM17 (Submission)
Pokémon Dollar3000

3rd floor

There's nothing for sale on the third floor, but you can talk to the clerk to get TM18 (Counter).

4th floor

If you're looking for the evolution stones, you've come to the right place! Pick up a Water, Thunder, or Fire Stone for your new Eevee, and grab a Poké Doll while you're here. The doll may not sound like much, but it will be important to have in Saffron City a little later.

Poké Doll Poké Doll
Pokémon Dollar1000
Fire Stone Fire Stone
Pokémon Dollar2100
Thunderstone Thunderstone
Pokémon Dollar2100
Water Stone Water Stone
Pokémon Dollar2100
Leaf Stone Leaf Stone
Pokémon Dollar2100

5th floor

Left Cashier
Pokémon Dollar9800
Protein Protein
Pokémon Dollar9800
Iron Iron
Pokémon Dollar9800
Calcium Calcium
Pokémon Dollar9800
Carbos Carbos
Pokémon Dollar9800

Right Cashier
X Attack X Attack
Pokémon Dollar500
X Defend X Defend
Pokémon Dollar550
X Speed X Speed
Pokémon Dollar350
X Special X Special
Pokémon Dollar350
X Accuracy X Accuracy
Pokémon Dollar950
Guard Spec. Guard Spec.
Pokémon Dollar700
Dire Hit Dire Hit
Pokémon Dollar650

Rooftop Square

Each vending machine dispenses Fresh Water, Soda Pop, and Lemonade. Buy one of each drink to give to the little girl nearby, and she'll give you up to three TMs as thanks - TM13 (Ice Beam) for a Fresh Water, TM48 (Rock Slide) for a Soda Pop, and TM49 (Tri Attack) for a Lemonade. Pick up an extra drink for the guards at Saffron City's borders, and stock up on Lemonade. Like the other drinks, Lemonade can restore your Pokémon's health, but Lemonade is the most potent. It restores 80 HP, while by comparison, a Super Potion only restores 50 HP.

Vending machine
Fresh Water Fresh Water
Pokémon Dollar200
Soda Pop Soda Pop
Pokémon Dollar300
Lemonade Lemonade
Pokémon Dollar350

Game Corner

At first glance, everything looks normal here. People are relaxed, having fun at the slot machines, but there's something unsettling about the guy glaring at the poster... As soon as you approach him, he picks a fight with you.

Trainer Pokémon
Team Rocket Grunt
Team Rocket Grunt
Reward: PokémonDollar.png600
020 Raticate Lv.20
No item
041 Zubat Lv.20
No item
Trainers with a Vs. Seeker by their names, when alerted for a rematch using the item, may use higher-level Pokémon.

All the prizes here are offered at extremely high prices, so you'll need a huge supply of coins to get everything. You can find a few on the ground, and talking to the other gamblers gets you some more. Besides that, you can either buy them (50 coins for PokémonDollar.png1000) or take your chances with the slots. Some prizes, like Scyther and Pinsir, are extremely rare, while others (like Porygon) are one-of-a-kind. You'll definitely be back here, so now let's head to the Gym. To get there, head back to the café in the south of town, and cut down the tree blocking the way.

Left Window
063 Abra
037 Vulpix
040 Wigglytuff

Center Window
123 Scyther
127 Pinsir
137 Porygon

Right Window
TM Dragon TM23 (Dragon Rage)
TM Normal TM15 (Hyper Beam)
TM Normal TM50 (Substitute)

Celadon Gym

Celadon Gym RBY.png
Celadon Gym

The Nature-Loving

Erika's Gym is one of the easiest to defeat, since the Grass-types here have so many weaknesses. Fire- and Flying-types have an advantage, though your own Grass-types are relatively immune to her attacks. If you haven't used TM13 yet, Ice Beam can be a great help.

Celadon Gym
The Rainbow Badge

Defeating the Celadon Gym earns you the Rainbow Badge, which commands attention from all Pokémon up to level 50, and enables the use of Strength outside of battle (after you find HM04). Erika also gives you TM21 (Mega Drain), a Grass-type attack that steals energy from the opponent.

With the Gym defeated, it's time to infiltrate Team Rocket's Celadon operation. Examine the poster in the Game Corner, which reveals a set of stairs nearby, and descend into their hideout.

Rocket Hideout

Team Rocket is headed by a shadowy figure known as Giovanni. This mob boss is in possession of the Silph Scope prototype, which can identify the ghosts back in Pokémon Tower. You won't be able to get past the spirits without that item, so make sure he doesn't escape with it!

B1F (north)

Rocket Hideout, B1F

The key to confronting Giovanni in his office is exactly that — a key. The Lift Key that operates the elevator is on the fourth floor beneath the Game Corner.


Rocket Hideout, B2F

Once you've collected the items on the second floor, you can climb the southern stairs back up to the first floor, where you'll find a Hyper Potion and two more Rocket grunts waiting for you.

B1F (south)

Backtrack to the stairs, spin through the maze again, and take the northern stairs down to the 3rd basement floor.

Rocket Hideout, B3F


Beat the two Rocket grunts here, wind through the maze, and take the stairs in the center of the room down to the fourth floor.


Rocket Hideout, B4F

Walk south to find an HP Up sitting on a table. Walk to the north to find another Rocket. Grab the TM02 (Razor Wind) from the other side of the table, and take out the Rocket. Talk to him after the battle, and he'll drop the Lift Key. Swipe it and get back to B2F, spin through the maze again, and enter the elevator in the southeast. Take a second to use any Potions you might have, and step out of the elevator. Right away, you are ambushed by the same pair of grunts from Mt. Moon.

After the battle, grab the Iron from the table in the southwest, and step inside to confront the mob boss.

After the battle, retrieve the Silph Scope that he dropped. With this, you can finally battle the ghosts in Pokémon Tower. Take the elevator to the 1st floor, and beat one last Rocket on the way out.

Trainer Pokémon
Team Rocket Grunt
Team Rocket Grunt
Reward: PokémonDollar.png660
088 Grimer Lv.22
No item
109 Koffing Lv.22
No item
Trainers with a Vs. Seeker by their names, when alerted for a rematch using the item, may use higher-level Pokémon.

Stop by the Poké Center to heal up. Make sure you've got an extra drink, and head back east to Route 7. Step into the gate and the guard will stop you. You'll automatically give him the drink, and since he'll share it with the other 3 guards, you can now come and go through Saffron City whenever you want. You may want to stop in the Saffron Poké Mart and grab a Max Repel or two in preparation for the haunted tower. Don't worry about rest of the city yet (including the Rocket grunts hanging around...), and continue east to return to Lavender Town.

Lavender Town

Pokémon Tower

Pokémon Tower, 1F

The Ghost-types here are totally immune to Normal- and Fighting-type attacks. Anything with a strong Psychic-type attack, like Kadabra or Drowzee, are good to bring along. If you don't want to deal with the random encounters, just spray on the Max Repel (after you catch a Gastly, of course).


Pokémon Tower, 2F

You won't get very far up the tower before being challenged by your rival again.

If EeveeJolteon: If EeveeFlareon: If EeveeVaporeon:


Pokémon Tower, 3F

Grab the Escape Rope by the north wall, and climb the eastern stairs to 4F.

Pokémon Tower, 4F


Pick up the Elixer and Awakening in the center of the room, and the HP Up near the south wall. Climb the western stairs.


Pokémon Tower, 5F

There is a Channeler in the center of the fifth floor that hasn't been possessed, and she maintains a healing area with her white magic. This protected zone will fully heal every Pokémon in your team, restoring health and eliminating any status problems. You can return to heal up here as often as needed.


Pokémon Tower, 6F

As you approach the stairs to the top floor, the ghost attacks and the Silph Scope activates, revealing a level 30 Marowak. It may look like a great addition to your team, but this spirit can't be caught, so all you can do is defeat it. Once the battle is over, the mother Marowak's spirit is calmed, and departs to the afterlife, finally able to rest in peace. Take the stairs to the top floor... right into a group of Rockets.


Pokémon Tower, 7F

Once again, the same two Rocket grunts jump you.

After they run off, talk to Mr. Fuji and he'll take you to his home, Pokémon House, at the foot of the tower.

Mr. Fuji's house

Speak with him again and he'll give you the Poké Flute, an item that instantly awakens any sleeping Pokémon. It also awakens both the Snorlax near Celadon City, and the Snorlax south of Lavender Town.

Head out west to return to Saffron City.

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