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Welcome to Indigo Plateau

The front room doubles as a Poké Center and Poké Mart, allowing Trainers to prepare themselves and their Pokémon before challenging the Elite Four. The Elite Four is a group of talented Pokémon Trainers second only to the Pokémon League Champion in terms of ability. The title of Champion designates a person as the strongest Trainer in the region, having defeated the Elite Four and the previous Champion to claim it. The next five battles will not be easy, but with a strong team and a decent supply of Max Potions, Full Restores, and Revives, you should be able to finally reach the Hall of Fame.
When you are ready, take the hallway past the Poké Mart counter, and step into the first room. Lorelei's sub-zero army awaits!

Elite Four challenge

Battle 1: Lorelei

Battle 1: Lorelei

The first member of the Elite Four is Lorelei, a master Ice-type Trainer. Three of her five Pokémon are Water/Ice-type elementals, so be wary of your type-matchups. Grass-types may seem like a good idea, but they'll only be useful against her Slowbro, a Water/Psychic-type. You're better off throwing a few thunderbolts to clear through her team. Her Jynx is an Ice/Psychic-type, so hit it with a Fire-type move like Flamethrower to finish it off.

Defeating Lorelei opens the door to the second room. Bruno's team of martial artists awaits!

Battle 2: Bruno

Battle 2: Bruno

The second member of the Elite Four is Bruno, a master Fighting-type Trainer. That being said, only three of his five Pokémon are actually Fighting-types. Strong Water-types like Cloyster or Gyarados easily eliminate his two Onix with Surf. Dispatch a strong Psychic-type like Kadabra to deal with the other three, though a high-powered bird like Zapdos can take them out with Drill Peck or Sky Attack. The perfect Pokémon for Bruno is Slowbro, whose Water/Psychic-type combination has an advantage over all of his Pokémon.

Defeating Bruno opens the door to the third room. Agatha's team from the spirit world awaits!

Battle 3: Agatha

Battle 3: Agatha

The third member of the Elite Four is Agatha, a master Ghost-type Trainer. Although Ghost-types are only weak against Ghost-type attacks, Psychic attacks can exploit the secondary Poison-type present throughout her team. Ground-type moves like Earthquake can deal some heavy damage, but are totally ineffective against her Golbat. Take out her two Gengar as soon as possible, or their Confuse Ray attacks will get annoying really quick.

Defeating Agatha unlocks the door to the fourth room. Lance and his ferocious dragons await your challenge!

Battle 4: Lance

Battle 4: Lance

The fourth and final member of the Elite Four is Lance, a master Dragon-type Trainer, and leader of the Elite Four. The Dragon-type is probably the strongest type in the game, since it resists Electric-, Grass-, Fire-, and Water-type moves, and is only weak to Dragon- and Ice-type attacks. A formidable opposing team, though only three of the five are actually of the Dragon-type. Take out his two Dragonair and Dragonite with an Ice Beam or Blizzard, and the bulk of his team is finished. Due to their secondary Flying-type, his Gyarados and Aerodactyl are also vulnerable to Ice moves, though there are other options to defeat them. Gyarados will take quadruple damage from electricity, so one strong Thunderbolt will knock it out. Aerodactyl is part-Rock, so Surf is one of its worst nightmares. Be wary of his dragons, because they each know the devastating Hyper Beam move. Articuno and Zapdos are probably some of the best choices to use against Lance's dragons.

The Elite Four is defeated. After defeating Lance, the door to this unknown Champion's room is unlocked. Don't enter just yet, though—as soon as you leave Lance's room, the battle will begin almost immediately, so use any Potions or Revives now. There is only one person left standing between you and the title of Champion! Step through the door to find a familiar face...

Champion battle

Champion battle &
Hall of Fame room

Your rival defeated the Elite Four before you even set foot in Victory Road, and now he is the final opponent standing between you and the title of Indigo League Champion. The first half of his team will always be Sandslash, Alakazam, and Exeggutor, so plan accordingly. His second half is what varies, depending on which form his Eevee evolved into. Your Zapdos is a terror to his Exeggutor and Cloyster (or Vaporeon), and a quick Drill Peck or shocking Thunderbolt will send them reeling. A strong Water-type can wash away his Sandslash and Ninetales (or Flareon). Pokémon (like Charizard or Onix) that know Ground-type moves are best to use against his Jolteon. The only real struggle you might have is when facing his Alakazam; it typically has low defense power, so pound away with Pikachu's Slam or another hard-hitter. Once it neglects to recover its health, hit it fast and hard.

If EeveeJolteon: If EeveeFlareon: If EeveeVaporeon:

You've finally done it! You've charged through the Elite Four, and taken the title of Indigo League Champion away from your rival. After the battle, Professor Oak appears and leads you past the Champion's room, and into the Hall of Fame room. It is here that your victorious team will be recorded, as a testament to your team's power and perseverance. After Oak enters your team's information, the game saves your progress, and the credits roll... but you're not done yet. When you find yourself back in Pallet Town, take wing to Cerulean.

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