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{{trainerentry|RSE_Birdkeeper.png|Bird Keeper|Chester|800|2|276|Taillow|♂|26||277|Swellow|♂|26||}}
{{trainerentry|RSE_Birdkeeper.png|Bird Keeper|Perry|832|1|278|Wingull||26||}}
{{trainerentry|RSE_Birdkeeper.png|Bird Keeper|Perry|832|1|278|Wingull||26||}}

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Petalburg City

Now that we arrived it is time to head to the Petalburg Gym, so make sure to have a few Rock, Steel, and Template:Type2 ready and at a good level of Level 28 or above since this next Gym which is a Template:Type2 Gym is tricky to beat. Make sure to at least have a Machoke or Hariyama with powerful moves like Revenge and Vital Throw because you will need it, since Norman's Slaking are very powerful.

Petalburg Gym

Petalburg Gym

"A man in pursuit of power!"

The way how this gym is set up is that behind each door leads to a room where the Gym trainer there will use a battle effect item on the only Pokémon they have and all you have to do is to defeat it to open the doors leading to the next room, though in most rooms it leads to two new rooms and not one. There are nine rooms total in the gym including the entrance and Gym Leader room. Only three out of the seven trainer rooms need to be defeated in walking order to reach the Gym Leader room, though it is optional to beat all seven.

Talking to the guy at the entrance or to a gym trainer after beating them will tell you where the doors lead to. Just remember when you battle the Gym Leader, your father, do not rely on status conditions due to the move Facade.

Petalburg Gym
The Balance Badge

Once you defeat your father, Norman will give you the Balance Badge which will allow you to use Surf outside of battle and also gives your team a slight boost in Defense. He will also give you TM42 (Facade).

Norman after giving his thanks will mention that Wally's parents came by earlier looking for you to give you a gift. Wally's house is the upper-left building that is located next to the Gym. Talk to Wally's father and he thanks you for your involvement in aiding Wally and making him happy and he will give you HM03 (Surf). Now that you have five badges you can now rechallenge the trainers listed in the Trainer's Eyes in the PokéNav. Before we head out to our next Gym Match lets look at some new accessible places now that you can use Surf.

Route 115 (North Side)

  Pokémon     Games     Location     Levels     Rate  
276 Taillow
Grass Grass
23-25 40%
333 Swablu
Grass Grass
23-25 30%
039 Jigglypuff
Grass Grass
24-25 10%
277 Swellow
Grass Grass
25 10%
278 Wingull
Grass Grass
24-26 10%
A colored background means that the Pokémon can be found in this location in the specified game. A white background with a colored letter means that the Pokémon cannot be found here.

Now that you can use Surf you can head to the North side to find more Pokémon and Trainers, as well as a Berry grove. This area is also a good place to help train any Pokémon of the Rock, Steel or Template:Type2 type you have for your next Gym Match which is a Template:Type2 gym. This area is also the only known spot to find a wild Swellow and Jigglypuff and it also has TM01 (Focus Punch).

Abandoned Ship

Now that you have Surf Mr. Briney will no longer transport you between his house on Route 104 to Dewford Town, or Route 109, instead you'll have to transport yourself using Surf. Anyway on Route 108 is the abandoned ship. Go through the cabins on the ship and challenge trainers your target is the second floor where a man is who will tell you that he was sent by Captain Stern to find a Scanner, but for the moment you can't help him but you can find a Storage Key. Return with it to B1F and use it unlock the room on the far right to find a room that has TM13 (Ice Beam).

Also we can now challenge the trainers on Route 105, Route 106, Route 107 as well as Route 108 and a new section of Route 109. Since these are Template:Type2 trainers it would be a good idea to train any Electric types you may have or you can put this off until you catch some in New Mauville.


Come back after beating the Mossdeep Gym and head to the middle room of the lower rooms on BF1 which has a dark-water area you can use Dive in. This takes you to a hidden corridor where if you solve the minor puzzle there you can get ahold of a Scanner which you can deliver to Captain Stern in Slateport City. You can also get ahold of TM18 (Rain Dance) and a Water Stone as well.

Route 105

  • Note: Available Pokémon can be found here

Route 106 (Surf)

  • Note: Available Pokémon can be found here

Route 107

  • Note: Available Pokémon can be found here

Route 108

  • Note: Available Pokémon can be found here

Route 109 (Surf)

  • Note: Available Pokémon can be found here

New Mauville


The entrance to New Mauville is located on the North end of Route 110, near Mauville City and from the part where you would enter to get on the Bike area use Surf to go to a cave to the east to reach New Mauville. Before going head back to Mauville and you will see Wattson in the middle of road in the center of the city. He asks you to go New Mauville and shut off the generator to prevent it from going haywire. He'll give you the Basement Key. Use to open the metal door to enter once at the entrance to reach the basement.


File:New Mauville.PNG
New Mauville Basement

Once inside the cave the key will open the metal door allowing entrance. This place is filled with Electric-type Pokémon such as Voltorb, and Magnemite which you can catch that can help you in the upcoming match in the Fortree Gym since their evolved forms Electrode and Magneton will help as well as training a Geodude or Graveler for the Gym match as well.

Anyway you should arrive at the south area from the entrance all you have to do is follow the path west and north while flipping switches to change the door settings where by using skill you will be able to get through them and head on through. Be careful because there is also a Lv. 25 Voltorb this is posing as Items and will attack when you try to collect the item. The Generator is located in the Northeastern part of the facility along with a Thunder Stone which will allow you to evolve Pikachu into Raichu if you catch in the Safari Zone. Once your turn the Generator off, head south and east to make it easier to head back to the entrance and leave.

Head back to Mauville and talk to Wattson and he will give you TM24 (Thunderbolt) as a reward for completing the task which is useful to teach to a Pokémon for the upcoming Gym Match such as Manectric. Now head east to Route 118, it is time to head to the next gym.

Route 118

Once there use Surf to get to the other side and immediately talk to the fisherman you see to receive the Good Rod. As you travel abit up the road you will meet up with Steven Stone who asks what kind of Pokémon you like before he leaves. Before heading north to Route 119, let's head east to Route 123 for a quick stop.

Route 123

Though we can't do much here until after we reach Mt. Pyre we can at least find some berry groves as well as the Berry Master's house, where the Berry Master gives you two berries once a day and his wife will also give you one based on the phrase you use. But anyway other than this or battling two new trainers when your ready head back to Route 118 and head north to Route 119.

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